• Why blog posts now need a call to action

      Once upon a time, you could build a blog post and people would come and they would subscribe just because the opt-in form was in the sidebar. No more. People are wary of getting more emails. They tend to swoop in, get what they need, and quickly leave. So you need to integrate a call to action (CTA) into the blog post itself.

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    • Trends for online marketing in 2017 and beyond

      How are you going to compete with all the marketing noise out there? As I’m sure you know, the Internet is a busy place. Think about all the social media notifications you get, for example. What makes one stand out over the others? And then think about how you can be the one that people remember! Be the turquoise when everyone else is gray! Have you ever signed up for a fr ...

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  • 7 post types that get the most shares and links

    … of over 1 million blog posts. Wow! You can read the full article here. Here’s a summary of the results: Content Type Average Total Shares Average Referring Domain Links List post 10,734 6.19 Video 8,572 4.13 How to 1,782 4.41 Why 1,443 5.66 Quiz 1,374 1.6 Infographic 268 3.67 Random posts 257 0.75 Who thought that list posts would be that powerful…

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  • Using the 3 types of content

    … consumption/training materials to create multiple products. You can change the format or how you sell it. Here are some examples: Use the script of a webinar to turn it into an e-book or report Turn a series of blog posts into an e-book or Kindle book Turn your slides from a webinar into a video (narrate or record it) Take an older product that isn’t selling…

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  • 3 ways to increase visitor engagement

    …: Include internal links to other pages on your website Include videos 1. How internal links help your traffic When you link to other blog posts or pages on your website, visitors who click through stay on your website longer. As I mentioned above, the search engines like this and reward you by ranking you higher in searches. Secret tip: You can…

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  • Best plug-ins for your WordPress site

    … If you have a WordPress website, you need plug-ins! Plug-ins are added software that work with WordPress and add features to it. Everyone has their own list of favorite plug-ins and there isn’t a definitive list. After all, the plug-ins you use should depend on your target market, business model, goals, and strategy. But not having the right…

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  • Anatomy of a free affiliate arrangement

    … An effective way to partner with someone is to offer unlimited future commissions in return for sending people to your website to get some free bonuses. Why is this type of affiliate arrangement so effective? Lots of people will sign up for the free products, because they don’t have to buy anything. This makes the technique a powerful way to grow…

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  • Increase your website traffic with this simple technique

    …/analytics and set up an account. If you have an HTML site, you need to add code that you get from Google’s site on each page. But for a WordPress website, you use a plug-in. (Read about how to install a plug-in here.) There are a number of good plug-ins but I’m happy with Analyticator. Follow the instructions to set it ip — it’s easy to set up…

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