Wordpress Tips

  • Understanding WordPress User Roles

    … the platform. Start Attracting Clients Like a Pro! Get the Information You Need to Get Your Business Organized and Profitable Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive small business tips delivered straight to your inbox. We cover all sorts of topics like creative design, new technology, small business marketing, time management, small business start-up and more! This information is EXCLUSIVE to our subscribers and is not posted on our blog. …

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  • Why WordPress is Great for Small Business Owners

    …, links, pictures, tips, etc. The interface of WordPress mirrors that of most word processors which makes it possible for almost anyone to publish new content without any coding experience. Reason #2: Limitless Uses WordPress has countless customization options. Your site can look however you want it to! There are thousands of themes available…

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  • How To Setup & Use A WordPress Child Theme

    …”, so the child theme folder would be named “Newspaper-child” like this /wp-content/themes/Newspaper-child/ Create a style.css file style.css is the only file needed to activate a child WordPress theme. Just copy & paste the following into a text editor and replace all three instances of the theme name with the name of the theme you want…

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  • 14 Easy Ways To Make Your WordPress Website More Secure

    Move wp-config.php up one directory If your host allows you to access non-public directories on your server above your WordPress directory, simply move the wp-config.php file up one directory. WordPress has built-in this feature so it won’t break your site when you do so. If for some reason it does, just move it back.

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  • Tips for Reducing Spam on Your WordPress Website

    …I consider myself to be a pretty tolerable guy but one things that gets under my skin is comment spam. Spammers are always trying to come up with clever ways to sneak irrelevant information onto websites that don’t belong to them. Thank goodness there are ways to fight the dreaded spammers and beat them at their own game. Unfortunately I think…

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  • The SEO Checklist for WordPress Websites

    …WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for business websites. Everyone’s jumping on board, big and small companies. The one thing that seems to remain the same with all companies is the need to have a strong online presence and search engine optimization is a key component in getting this done. Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the other search engines really don’t care how cool or pretty your … Continue reading →…

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  • 7 Simple WordPress Tasks That Seem Difficult

    … A list of seemingly complex WordPress adjustments, that are actually incredibly simple tasks. You just have to know where to look. The post 7 Simple WordPress Tasks That Seem Difficult appeared first on Penguin Initiatives. Related Stories SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress with Google Authenticator Best WordPress Hosting in 2014 …

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