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  • Understanding WordPress User Roles

    … WordPress user roles are often times misunderstood and taken for granted, that is until something goes wrong. The last thing a website owner needs is for someone to make a mistake and mess up something on their website, especially if that person shouldn’t have had access to do so in the first place. This is why a clear understanding…

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  • The Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

    … WordPress has quickly become the go-to platform for website design. One of its biggest perks is that it has countless options. There seems to be a plugin for just about anything you can think of. For business owners; one of the most important pages on their website is their contact page and yes there are numerous contact form plugins to choose…

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  • Why WordPress is Great for Small Business Owners

    … be downloaded for free. What’s cheaper than free? The only thing you’ll need to provide is the hosting and most hosting companies out there have very affordable options. Reason #5 Update from Anywhere Did you know that your WordPress website can be updated from anywhere? The only thing you’ll need is internet access. WordPress Training for Beginners…

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  • 4 Free Image Editing Software Tools

    … Having an appealing website also means have inviting graphics or images. I do a lot of WordPress training workshops and one of the most often requests is for free image editing software. Most of the people attending my workshops are not designers nor do they want to be; they are simply wanting to learn how to manage their own website…

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  • Tips for Reducing Spam on Your WordPress Website

    …I consider myself to be a pretty tolerable guy but one things that gets under my skin is comment spam. Spammers are always trying to come up with clever ways to sneak irrelevant information onto websites that don’t belong to them. Thank goodness there are ways to fight the dreaded spammers and beat them at their own game. Unfortunately I think…

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