• WordPress Hosting Running Slow? Migrate to Flywheel

      Although there’re tons of reasons that your WordPress installation is running slow (including poorly written plugins and themes), I believe the single biggest reason why people have problems is that of their hosting company. The additional need for social buttons and integrations compounds the issue – many of them load terribly slow as well. People notice. Your audience notices.

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  • Who Were the Most Loved MarTech Companies of 2016?

    …. Rachel Masters wrote: Buffer. Their Twitter UX is great and I love their blog posts. Their social media effectiveness research is super helpful. WP Engine hosts WordPress for over 50,000 customers in 120 countries. They provide best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology. Jon Thompson of Veer Digital wrote…

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  • The Best WordPress Plugins for Business 2014

    …. FeedPress – A reliable alternative to FeedBurner, FeedPress automatically handles feed redirections and updates your feed in real time each time you publish a new post. SB RSS Feed Plus – Add a post thumbnail, signature (e.g., “Source: XYZ”) and advertisements to your RSS feed. Maven Algolia – Add autocomplete to your WordPress site search…

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  • If You Loved Your WordPress Clients, You Would…

    … …host them with WPEngine. In the last few years, we successfully migrated all of our WordPress clients to WPEngine and it’s been an amazing experience. It hasn’t been perfect, I think some growing pains caused a few issues, but I can’t think of a better move we ever made. We wanted to help clients with their marketing, not worry about ridiculous…

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