• If Your Content Team Just Did This, You’d Be Winning

    There’s plenty of articles out there already on how terrible most content is that’s out there. And there are millions of articles on how to write great content. However, I don’t believe either type of article is especially helpful. I believe the root of poor content that doesn’t perform is just one factor – poor research.

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  • The Balance of Creativity and Productivity

    … cultivating a Pomeranian state of mind to expand your creativity. (Read the post to find out why you actually do want to do this.) And on Tuesday, she outlined a plan to use that Pomeranian creativity to actually make something that other people want to read, watch, or listen to. Finally, on Wednesday, our editorial team sent me their favorite writing…

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  • Your Summer Reading List from the Copyblogger Editorial Team

    … I don’t believe in a “writing gene.” Writing comes more easily to some folks, for sure. But those aren’t always the people who end up writing really well. Writing is a skill that requires plenty of practice. But practice is always more effective when you’re working on the right things. That’s when it’s time to seek out some good advice…

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  • A Simple Plan for Managing and Completing a Content Project

    … On June 20, 2009, I was reading Copyblogger and I got a new idea: I should write an ebook. At that point, my writing and editing business was less than a year old, and I had never written anything that resembled a book. Could I actually do it? I knew I wanted to try, so I established a plan on July 1 that would help me write, design…

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  • Inspiring the Writer in You to Think Larger Than Life

    … to pioneer this new technology. Is this news surprising? Well, if you were not expecting it, it probably was surprising. Was it unexpected? Again, that is very likely. What does that have to do with writing? We will come back to this question. The Jon Morrow Course on Guest Blogging No, this is not meant to be an advertisement for the Jon Morrow Guest…

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  • Improve Your Writing and Last Chance for Rainmaker Platform

    … Brian wrote on Monday about the big news for this week: This is your last chance to pick up the Rainmaker Platform as a standalone service. We’re transitioning to a bundled hybrid of technology with client services … and that will come with a significantly higher price tag. If you’ve been thinking about Rainmaker, this would be a great time…

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  • This will shock you! (Why clickbait headlines work)

    The internet has given us many wonderful things: social connectivity; convenience in shopping, banking, and education; immediate news; and so on. Something that does not fall into this category is the nauseating clickbait headline. You know the ones: “What you’ll read next will shock you.” “This will blow your mind.” “You’ll never believe what happened next.

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  • Copywriting: Get your brand’s tone of voice right

    … and Productivity: The right writer matters The secret to effective writing for business The power of voice: how to deliver an amazing presentation The post Copywriting: Get your brand’s tone of voice right appeared first on Lush Digital Media. …

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  • Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

    Remember all the conversations we’ve been having about the Certified Content Marketer program? Well, the doors are open — and they’re going to be closing again on Monday, June 12. If you’d like to be featured on our list of recommended writers (and get our most advanced content strategy course), this is how you do it.

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  • How to write attention-grabbing headlines

    …, in the digital world, using intuition isn’t enough. These days, if you want people to find your content online, you need science. How to write a good headline for online content Whether you’re a reporter working online or a professional copywriting service, it’s important to understand that headlines for content published on the internet need…

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  • 2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The June Prompts

    … hope you are, too. To help with that, here are our community prompts for June. Each month in 2017, we’re giving you a pair of prompts — one to make you more productive and one to improve your creativity or writing skills. You can jump in anytime — and let us know about your experiences in the comments! The June Productivity Prompt Weekly outreach…

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  • 8 Tips For Fast and Efficient Content Writing

    … to you. Here are many more ways to make sure you don’t lose that next great idea before you get a chance to turn it into great content. 3. Eliminate distractions “I can write at least twice as fast – and often even faster – without any distractions,” says Ali Hale at Daily Writing Tips. “If you’re constantly interrupted by friends wanting to chat…

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  • It’s ‘We Love the Writer’ Week on Copyblogger

    … be perfect for you. You can drop your email address here and we’ll get you all the details very shortly. On Tuesday, Jerod Morris talked about why smart writers think about writing copy and not just text. (This applies even for those who don’t think of themselves as copywriters.) On Wednesday, Stefanie Flaxman continued the conversation…

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  • Writers: Here’s Why You Aren’t Getting More Great Clients

    … to do ineffective work for lousy rates. You won’t have the time, much less the emotional energy, to work on your own marketing. You’ll be too busy writing dreadful listicles for pennies — for people who don’t respect you or what you do. What causes a lack of good clients? Bad positioning. Your marketing can’t just communicate, “Hey, I’m…

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  • Business Orders From The Commander and Chief

    … William Ballard is the author of "The True Writer's Life," which is the book that essentially started it all for William. In conjunction with the coaching he provides for free through his blogs and articles all across the web, he also offers Personal Writing and Business Coaching where he teaches freelance writers and aspiring authors how to start, build and maintain full-time, high-earning writing careers. …

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