• 5 Golden Rules for Your Next Content Marketing Hire

      There’s a lot of noise and uncertainty in content marketing, but one thing has remained constant: People are creating more and more content. According to CMI’s 2017 benchmark survey, over 70 percent of companies plan to create more content this year compared to last year—an upward trend that’s held steady over the past few years. In turn, content marketing hiring is on the rise.

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    • 7 Tips for Injecting Tighter Prose Into Marketing Materials

      I chuckle whenever someone says “I can’t write.” I know – for a fact, that all of you reading this right now love to write. I mean, hello? It’s 2017 and we live in the world of posts, comments, updates, texts, and tweets! So the truth is, we write all the time. Writing’s how we get ideas out of our heads. Writing’s how we express our feelings.

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  • Brands can avoid one big mistake newspapers are making

    It breaks my heart, every single time. The public perception of journalism is often a poor one. People tend to think of pushy foot-in-the-door TV reporters berating dole bludgers and dodgy builders or tacky magazines making up stories about royal babies or fat-shaming celebrities. People don’t tend to think about Woodward and Bernstein exposing Watergate, or Boston Globe repor ...

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  • Want to Write Faster? 12 Hacks to Help Speed You Up

    … Too much work and no time to write? Content creation is crucial for the growth of any blog. But as you grow, so do your responsibilities. Sooner than you think, you’ll start to realize that you have less time to write than you initially thought. So how can you write faster, you ask? I’ve got you covered. 1. Pick the Right Time of the Day…

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  • It’s Pet Peeve Week on Copyblogger

    … Quick poll: When you hear the term thought leader, do your eyes roll or do your ears perk up? I’m on team eye roll, and I explained why in Monday’s post. On Tuesday, the ever-elusive Robert Bruce shared the secret to writing compulsively readable copy. Like all of Robert’s secrets, this one is difficult … but it’s sound. Even better, it comes…

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  • How to Get Your Writing on the Road to Being Read and Spread

    …, in the language of your audience. Research more. Write great bullets. Craft a great offer. Include a strong call to action. Et cetera. These elements are the standard. They get the job done. But this little truth I’m about to tell you is the foundation that makes all the rest of it work, and it’s the answer to getting you on the road to getting your writing…

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  • Proofreading: Your 14-Point Email Copy Checklist

    … a break “Especially if you’re proofreading your own work, give yourself a day (if possible) between when you finish writing and when you begin to proofread,” suggests the GrammarPhile blog. “That time will not only give your eyes a chance to rest but will give you some distance from – and, ideally, a more objective perspective on – your work.” 3…

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  • How to Write a Blog Post – The Ultimate Guide

    Blogging is a battle. A war to get your ideas the attention they deserve. Your enemy? The dizzying array of online distractions that devour your readers. This battle is not for the faint of heart. There are so many learning curves. Plugins you’ll need to install. Social networks you’ll need to employ. Marketing techniques you’ll need to try.

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  • Content Writing in 2017 Is Easier Than You think

    … Proper content writing is essential in any SEO or marketing efforts. Ultimately, content writing is a big factor on whether or not a visitor of your website will stay or leave. To make sure that your website ranks and visitors stay on your website you have to offer them quality content. Quality content is often a challenge because you have…

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  • Blogs that became thriving businesses

    … I remember a time not too long ago when blogs were viewed in a fairly negative fashion. They were considered a hobby, a place where regular folk could mull over the issues close to their heart while sitting at home in their pyjamas. It was not all that uncommon for blogs to be viewed with contempt. How times have changed. Blogging is now big…

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  • 7 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts to Get More Traffic

    … be focusing on running the business, freeing Jon up for more writing and of course plotting our path to world domination. As a blogger, you’re in the business of sharing ideas. You have to consistently come up with new ideas and turn those ideas into blog posts that dazzle your readers. And you want to keep those readers happy and engaged, so you…

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  • Zen and the Art of Content Marketing

    … Google reminds me that we’ve covered the intersection of Zen and business a few times at Copyblogger … which doesn’t surprise me a bit. At the heart of Zen is the concept (which is not a concept) of nonduality. In the words of Shunryu Suzuki: “To speak of waves apart from water or water apart from waves is a delusion. Water and waves are one…

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  • Forget SEO

    … Imagine. Imagine a world without search engines … It’s easy if you try. No more surprise Google updates. No more worrying about XML sitemaps, robots.txt, and content analysis and optimization. And perhaps most importantly, no more keyword research. That last one means you’re going to have to go old-school to figure out the language of your…

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  • Everybody’s Working for the Weekday

    … to focus on today. I want to look at the personal motivations and goals of people who decide to become writers and content marketers — people like you. The eye-roll heard round the world When I hear people glamorize writing as a profession, I buy a one-way airplane ticket to Eye-roll-Ville and fly high above the fantasy that writing is a special…

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