Writing Headlines

  • How to Write A Title That Makes Visitors Engage

    …, How to Write Powerful Headlines That Demand Attention. In it, they speak to utilizing the following methodology. SHINE Method of Writing Good Titles S – Be specific about the topic that you’re writing about. H – Be helpful. Providing value to your audience increases their faith and trust in you as an authority. I – Be immediately…

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  • Is Your B2B Content Like A Chocolate Fountain?

    ….” This is where our illustration of the chocolate fountain comes into play. You want your reader to view your content as tasty and sweet—something he enjoys consuming. You want his experience to be one of “effortless flow” like smooth, rich melted chocolate flowing down the side of that buffet table fountain. More Tips for Making “Tasty” Content As a B2B…

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  • The Impact of Headlines and Tone of Voice on Conversion

    … blast to 10,000 prospective clients. Measuring the ROI of being a trustworthy brand? Not so much. Because of that, soft marketing techniques like these sometimes get ignored. But with growth hacking, split testing and conversion optimization receiving more attention than ever, it’s easier than it used to be to measure the effectiveness…

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