Writing Skills

  • The blogging blunders you need to avoid: Part 1

    … may take a few days of back-and-forth between people (or yourself), so don’t expect it to be done quickly. If you’d like to upgrade your writing skills to connect better with your audience, join Masterclass: Write Like a Marketing Pro, the half-day workshop for anyone in communications. Learn from experienced journalists and marketers, Sarah…

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  • 7 Key Writing Tips Used by Pros

    … There are a number of techniques skilled writers use to make their words compelling enough to grab the attention of readers and to effectively convey their messages. If you master 7 key writing tips, you will enhance your ability as a writer and stand out from the crowd. Practice Your Craft Regularly We’ve probably all heard the saying…

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  • Masterclass: Write Like a Marketing Pro

    … nodding your head along to any of these questions, you’d better keep reading. The Internet has dramatically increased the amount of time we spend writing. Email is a legitimate form of communication, one we use for business and in our social lives. Think about it; when was the last time you sent a letter via snail mail? (Have you seen the price…

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  • 8 web writing tricks you need to know

    … Much of what you were taught in school about writing is not applicable to the web. For starters, readers do not read your copy — they scan bits and pieces. And they scan very quickly, so it’s crucial to grab their attention in as little time as possible. Even if you feel you’re not the most gifted writer on earth, you can definitely master…

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  • Improve Your Writing: The Free Content Library

    New Writing Genii is finally relaunched, and with it, our Free Content Library. If you want to improve your writing, check it out. Currently, we have three free ebooks for you to download, with many more coming. In the press release, I said: Over time, Writing Genii’s Free Content Library will develop into a powerful resource for both new writers, and established writers.

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  • Writing Quotes: How to Avoid Writing Blocks

    … helpful if you’re judgmental of your writing. Of course you need to judge and edit your writing, but never while you’re writing. If you judge as you’re writing, you’ll choke, and you’ll think that writing is hard. How to avoid judging your writing while you’re writing… I’ve found these strategies useful. Pre-write. Create clusters, or mind maps…

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