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    • 10 Content Writing Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating

      OK, we put the Fourth of July holiday in the rear-view mirror, which means we have officially entered the lazy days of summer. Yes, the season that tests even the most dedicated workers among us is now underway. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to do – emails to write, content to create — but it’s so darn nice out! There’s that beach vacation to plan. Cool new flip-flops to pick out online.

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  • 3 Ways to Develop an Engaging Voice in Your Content

    Aspiring writers of the literary persuasion will be counseled to “find your voice.” It’s solid advice. You want your writing to pop, to be immediately recognizable as yours. Content developers receive similar guidance. They are often reminded of the billions of emails, millions of blogs, countless tweets, etc., competing for attention.

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  • How to Attract Female Readership For Your Blog

    … writer, and 2. The quality of your content will improve tremendously. To start, look at safe topics you consider gender-neutral. For example, craft cocktail recipes, tips for travel, or even relationship advice can be good places to start depending on your blog. More, in coming up with content, it’s okay to ask women what they want to read about…

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  • How to Write More

    …: You can also look at the cheat-sheet made by Jon Morrow for some wonderful tips on how to write good headlines. It’s well worth the email submit. The thing to remember here is that once you figure out the perfect headline/title for your blog post you often find that the content writing flows a lot easier. You know what question your are trying…

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  • 5 Tips on Writing Marketing Content that Drives Business Value

    … good to keep an eye on the marketing copy at first. This isn’t a radical idea with no oversight, it’s just a reminder to favor the “hands off” approach whenever possible. Tip #3: Focus on Conversion Likes and views are great, but a business can’t survive just by being popular. Measure the success of marketing materials based on how well…

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  • 7 Tips for Injecting Tighter Prose Into Marketing Materials

    … Copywriter and Founder of Echelon Copy. When not writing, tweeting or attempting to play pickup basketball, he’s working tirelessly to perfect what he claims is the “World’s Greatest Pompadour.” To get more tips on how to start your own six-figure freelance copywriting business, join his free newsletter. The post 7 Tips for Injecting Tighter Prose Into Marketing Materials appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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  • How do you make a dull topic interesting?

    … to come up with an interesting story angle. Here’s how you can get the job done and make your writing sparkle: Are you the right person for the job? This is one of the very first questions you must ask. While you might be the CEO, the head of your division, or the one with a few hours to spare, that doesn’t mean you are automatically the best person…

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  • The Fear of Blogging is Real – Here’s How to Overcome It

    … before you publish it, then you’ll very rarely – if ever – publish anything. The best way to overcome this fear is to simply limit your time per post. If you’re writing a 1,000-word blog post, give yourself two hours and then publish it when the time runs out. It’s as simple as that. Pretty soon, you’ll learn to focus on what’s important and block…

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  • 8 Tips to Crafting Compelling Copywriting For Your Mobile Visitors

    … Mobile marketing is a hot subject at the moment… Mobile is quickly becoming the most convenient and effective way to capture your target audience. With Google placing more emphasis on mobile site optimization in search results, and smart phone take up increasing all over the world, it’s no wonder that copywriters need to adapt as well. Writing…

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  • 17 Writing Tips For Bloggers Who Think They Can’t Write!

    … Writing tips for the writer who thinks they can’t write. Writing Tips For Bloggers First a question… Are you a better speaker or a better writer? Personally, I’m a much better speaker than I am a writer. I can speak confidently in public, but with writing, it is a different story. I am not unique – For some of us it is more natural to speak…

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  • The blogging blunders you need to avoid: Part 1

    … Blogging seems easy on the face of it. After all, we can all write to some extent, and many blogs are written from an opinion standpoint, so it seems like something you just need sit down and donate an hour or so to doing. This, as many people discover the hard way, is not an accurate account of blog writing. There are several blunders…

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  • Email newsletter subject lines: the good, the bad and the ugly

    … they don’t. For more advice on reaching your audience, visit us at Lush Digital Media or listen to the Brand Newsroom podcast. Like what you’ve read? Have a look at these: Why your business needs an email newsletter Brand Newsroom 64: Perfecting your email marketing [podcast] 8 web writing tricks you need to know How to engage people who visit your website The post Email newsletter subject lines: the good, the bad and the ugly appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • Tips for Copywriters From the Greats

    … Suzette Mayr, author of Monoceros, was my mentor throughout University. I attended at least three of her creative writing classes in my undergrad, and she also served as my supervisor during my graduate studies. It was Suzette who first told me to “kill my darlings.” She taught me this age-old adage (commonly attributed to William […] The post Tips for Copywriters From the Greats appeared first on Builtvisible. …

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