The Xinhua News Agency (/ˌʃɪnˈhwɑː/, /ˌʃɪnˈwɑː/ or /ˈʃiːnhwɑː/) is the state press agency of the People's Republic of China. Xinhua is a ministry-level department subordinate to the State Council. Its president sits at the powerful Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the highest authority within the Party.Xinhua operates 107 foreign bureaus worldwide, and maintains 31 bureaus in China—one for each province, plus a military bureau. Xinhua is the sole channel for the distribution of important news related to the Communist Party and Chinese central government.Most of the newspapers rely on Xinhua feeds to fill their pages.
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  • Why Did China Block Duck Duck Go?

    … prohibited topics or obscenities.Leading online news media in China, such as,, Chinanews, and obediently follow the government’s decree, pledging that they “will make the Internet a vital publisher of scientific theories… maintain social stability, and promote the building of a socialist harmonious society…

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