Xircom, Inc. was based in Thousand Oaks, California, with manufacturing facilities located in Penang & Malaysia and international offices throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. They were one of the first companies to develop network computing products for notebook computers. Products included computer memory cards, LAN adapters, modems, and remote access server products. The company's products enabled notebook users to share information over a network connection. During fiscal 1999, the company introduced 56K modems in the MiniPCI form factor. In September 1999, the company acquired Rex PC Card Organizer product line. During fiscal 2000, the company acquired Omnipoint Technologies, Inc.
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    … esoteric functionality. (Does anyone really need jumbo frame Ethernet support?). And 12 months or so we’d go see our customers, tell them about our new devices, and expect them to swoon. It never happened. Instead, every year they would ask us about the cables that attached our electronics to telephone lines or network plugs. Those were what got left…

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