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    • What is an XML sitemap and why should you have one?

      A good XML sitemap is a roadmap to all important pages of a website. This roadmap gives Google guidance in determining what content can be found on a website. Having an XML sitemap can be beneficial for SEO, as Google can retrieve essential pages of a website very fast, even if the internal linking of a site isn’t flawless.

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  • The sense and nonsense of XML sitemaps

    … to address and translate that to a proper site structure. Using, for instance, the internal linking tool in our Yoast SEO plugin, you are able to create structured links to all the pages of your website. That simply means that Google is able to follow all links and find all pages. That means you have set up a great infrastructure within your website…

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  • Ask Yoast: include taxonomies in XML sitemap?

    … Your tag and category pages could be very important pages on your site. If you’re using these pages in the right way, they can boost your site’s SEO. You might wonder if you should also include these taxonomy pages in your XML sitemap. In this Ask Yoast we explain whether you should, and why! Our support team received the following question from…

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  • Yoast SEO 3.5

    … We’ve just pushed out a new release of Yoast SEO, our flagship plugin. The new version, 3.5, mostly has a metric ton of small bugfixes. In this post, we’ll discuss the most notable changes, but you should mostly be aware that this is what we would call a bugfix release. XML Sitemap changes We’ve decided to remove the change frequency and priority…

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  • 3 DIY SEO Action Items for a $0 Budget

    … to it. As a business owner on a shoestring budget, SEO can seem out of reach. Fortunately, there are options. There are some low-hanging fruits you can tackle in-house to help get the ball rolling sooner than later–even when you have a zero dollar budget. Refresh Title Tags Why it’s important: The title tag is the most important on-page algorithmic ranking…

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  • How To Select a CMS that is Optimized for Search

    … impacting search results. Backups: Backups and SEO? Well… if you lose your site and content, it’s pretty difficult to rank. Having a solid backup with incremental backups as well as on-demand, off-site backups and restores is extremely helpful. Browser Notifications: Chrome and Safari now offer integrated notifications with operating systems…

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  • Weekly SEO recap: Let’s disambiguate!

    … to understand what types of pages are currently being indexed and what pages aren’t being indexed. That’s the exact reason why our Yoast SEO plugin has an XML Sitemap feature that creates a single index with XML sitemaps per post type. This makes it a lot more interesting to look at the XML sitemaps section of Google Search Console. That’s it, see you next week! PS If you find disambiguation a nasty word, you’re not alone. I must have mistyped that about a dozen times while writing this post :) …

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