Yahoo: Business Issues

  • In final earnings report, Yahoo beats Wall Street with $1.3B in revenue

    … at roughly $4.5 billion, with Yahoo retaining responsibility for any legal fallout from several massive data breaches. Once it does close, Yahoo will live beside AOL in a new Verizon business unit poorly named “Oath” (vaguely reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s “d’oh!”). Both AOL and Yahoo brands will survive, but operations will likely be consolidated. Yahoo…

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  • Yahoo CEO Mayer and co-founder David Filo to step down from Yahoo board

    … business.” The remaining assets, the company’s multi-billion dollar stake in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, will reside in a company to be called “Altaba Inc.” According to the Wall Street Journal the name derives from mashing up “alternate” and “Alibaba. Most financial analysts maintain that nearly two-third’s of Yahoo’s market value will remain in Altaba…

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  • Is the Verizon-Yahoo deal going south?

    … Verizon is reportedly going to declare the massive Yahoo data breach as a “material” event. If so, it has the potential to kill the deal. It’s also possible Verizon is using this threat as a way to extract price concessions from Yahoo. According to the New York Post, Verizon is seeking a $1 billion discount on the price it agreed to pay…

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  • Bringing ’90s nostalgia into a mobile world

    … If we take a look back at the names hitting the headlines over the past couple of months — Pokémon, Super Mario and Yahoo — something stands out: ’90s nostalgia is back in a big way. However, brands like these, when looking to bring those familiar names into the modern world, will quickly find the game has changed. This is the story of two…

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  • Verizon buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion

    … Following several rounds of bidding and rumors this weekend, this morning it was confirmed that Yahoo is being acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion. In 2015 Verizon acquired AOL for roughly $4.4 billion. This means that, effectively, AOL and Yahoo will be merging, a deal once proposed by AOL but rejected by Yahoo before the Verizon…

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  • Yahoo revenue up in Q2, but earnings per share misses expectations

    … Yahoo has reported hit-and-miss earnings today for the second quarter of 2016. The company says it earned about $1.31 billion, up from $1.24 billion last year and ahead of the expected $1.08 billion. But earnings per share came in at nine cents, below the expected 10 cents per share. In Q2 of 2015, earnings per share were 16 cents. Yahoo…

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  • WSJ: Verizon offering $3 billion for Yahoo’s core business

    … Yahoo is worth $35 billion but Verizon is expected to bid about $3 billion for the company, according to the Wall Street Journal. Previously, analysts had anticipated bids of between $4 billion and $8 billion. In 2008, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for roughly $45 billion. Second round bids are being submitted this week. The other suitor…

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