Yahoo: User Interface

  • Yahoo Rolls Out Search For Its Android Launcher Aviate

    … results are not branded Yahoo, interestingly. Because search is not as much a navigational feature on smartphones and less “central” to the experience users may not care as much that they’ve substituted Yahoo for Google. However Google search can be easily accessed via the Google app or through Google Now. There’s also a Google Now-like capability…

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  • Yahoo Becomes Default Search Engine On Firefox Browser

    … the current provider. Firefox was at one time the main alternative to Microsoft’s IE browser but has been supplanted for many by Google’s Chrome, now the world’s top browser. In mobile Firefox has struggled to find an entry point. Firefox has a roughly 16 percent browser market share on the desktop in the US market according to StatCounter. Google…

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  • Yahoo Experimenting With A New User Interface

    … The website All Google Testing reported today that Yahoo is experimenting with a new user interface. The report claimed Yahoo’s experimental interface mirrors that of Google’s interface for tablets. All Google Testing offered up directions to view the Yahoo test page, but you’ll have to have better developer chops than me to find it. Here’s…

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