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    • Yoast SEO 5.1: Internal linking suggestions in Italian

      Our development team is steadily chugging along and today provides you with a new and improved edition of Yoast SEO. This release features mainly enhancements and fixes, plus a slew of updates to our language support. Let us walk you through the new version we know as Yoast SEO 5.1, starting with our main focus point in this release: languages.

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    • Yoast SEO 5.2: Accessibility, compatibility and bug fixes

      Today we’re releasing Yoast SEO 5.2. In this brand new version you’ll find some feature enhancements, accessibility improvements and a couple of bug fixes. In addition to that, we’ve laid some groundwork that will help us make Yoast SEO work well with the plugins our users use most. Read about all the improvements here! Accessibility Web accessibility is something we always urg ...

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  • Yoast SEO 5.0: Site-wide SEO with the text link counter

    … Our mission statement is SEO for Everyone. On many fronts, we’re making good on that promise. In 2016, Yoast SEO added revolutionary checks to content and readability analysis features. Much of that year was spent improving and enhancing the content part of the plugin. In 2017, we’re fixing the site structure problem, by adding, among other things…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.9: fixing bugs

    Today, we’re releasing Yoast SEO 4.9. This release brings loads of bug fixes and multiple enhancements to Yoast SEO and the News, Video, Local and WooCommerce add-ons. In this post, we’ll describe what you can expect when you hit that update button. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Fixing bugs and en ...

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  • Yoast SEO 4.8: Cornerstone content analysis

    In this release, we’re fine tuning our algorithms to give cornerstone content articles the analysis they deserve. Articles you’ve marked as cornerstone content will now be judged on a different level, so we can make sure they have the quality and authority an article like that should have. Yoast SEO 4.8 helps you write better cornerstone content articles.

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  • Yoast SEO 4.7: Introducing Italian

    … if your post has at least one internal link. Find out what else we’ve done in Yoast SEO 4.7. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info First Italian addition: transition words Transition words – or signal words – are words that guide your readers in a text. These words show that you…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.6: the cornerstone content update

    …. Block by block on a solid foundation. Yoast SEO 4.6 adds another new feature to help you create your site structure. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Cornerstone content in Yoast SEO 4.6 As you know, cornerstone content is the most important content on your site, but until…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.5: update your PHP version

    … it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Why this move? WordPress is built on PHP. This programming language takes care of the heavy lifting for the CMS. WordPress was always built with backward compatibility in mind, but we’ve reached a point where that’s just not feasible anymore. WordPress needs a minimum of PHP5.2 to function…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.4

    Today marks the release of the next version of our flagship WordPress plugin: Yoast SEO 4.4. In Yoast SEO 4.4 you’ll find many small changes and a couple of new features that make it even easier to work with the plugin. In this release post, we’ll give a brief overview of the changes that we’ve made, starting with Yoast SEO Premium.

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  • Yoast SEO 4.3: It’s time for Spanish

    … Spanish as well. Spanish link suggestions and insights Now, we should start by saying that support for Spanish is not complete, as we are still fine-tuning some readability checks. In this release, following English, German and Dutch, Yoast SEO premium will now analyze your text and give you suggestions to create relevant internal links. This way…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.2 adds another new language: Dutch

    … In our quest to speak more of the world’s languages, we’ve now added our mother tongue: Yoast SEO 4.2 premium supports Dutch in its entirety. Our Dutch writing audience can now use all of our innovative features, like Insights and Internal linking suggestions, in their own language. More languages will follow soon. Optimize your site for search…

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  • Yoast internal linking: the making of

    … A few weeks ago, we added Yoast internal linking to Yoast SEO Premium for English. We released the same feature for German earlier this week. In this post, I’ll explain how the earlier released Insights laid the groundwork for this feature, how we compose the list of linking suggestions, and why Yoast internal linking is currently only available…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.1: Mobile snippets and German readability

    … and content analysis. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info Mobile snippet preview Since mobile traffic has eclipsed desktop traffic, it’s imperative that you optimize your site in any way you can for mobile. One of these improvements is to make your text snippets better…

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  • Yoast SEO 4.0: lightning fast internal linking

    After months of hard work, we are ready to show Yoast SEO 4.0 to the world. In this version, we’re shipping an awesome Premium feature that many of you will find very, very helpful. We’ve figured out how to make the search for related posts to link to, fast and faultless. In this post, we’ll explain what you can expect.

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  • We’ve created the fastest related posts ever

    … When we say “related posts for WordPress“, we say “bad performance”. Without using an external service like ElasticSearch, it’s practically impossible to have related posts work fast in WordPress. That’s why we’ve always stayed away from including any related posts plugin on our site. It’s also the reason we haven’t tried to come up…

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  • Let us care for your site: Yoast SEO Care

    …? How does your content perform? And how to make it better? Site speed: a slow site is inexcusable Plus, we’ll install and configure Yoast SEO Premium The extensive, monthly Yoast SEO Care package has even more checks, for instance: Site structure: is your site and content structure correct? Broken pages: customers must never stumble…

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