• Looking back at Yoast in 2017 (with infographic!)

      With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to look back at yet another amazing year at Yoast. We’ve made some excellent improvements to Yoast SEO and released a bunch of new awesome online SEO courses. Team Yoast has been to lots and lots of conferences. We’ll write separate blog posts to look back at all those things.

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    • Yoast in 2017: Events we attended

      2018 is approaching rapidly. Time to look back at yet another awesome year at Yoast. A year in which we attended quite the number of conferences. In this post, we’ll give you an impression of a few of the conferences we have been to, cities we’ve visited and friends we’ve made! So, without further ado, these are the events we attended in 2017.

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  • YoastCon 2017: 10 takeaways to improve your SEO

    … It’s been a week since the SEO conference YoastCon and we’re still processing all the cool stuff we’ve heard and seen. In a few days, you’ll be able to watch the talks on video and make your own to-do list to make your rankings skyrocket. To give you an idea of the story arc of YoastCon, I’ll share ten takeaways that have an impact on your SEO…

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  • YoastCon 2017: The day after

    … Good day everyone! It’s the day after our SEO conference YoastCon and while we didn’t get much sleep last night, we’re still full of energy from the awesome day we – and hopefully every single visitor and our live stream audience – had. Here, we’re taking a peek at what happened yesterday. Somewhere next week, we’ll publish a complete overview…

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  • Laura Crimmons on link building

    … With only a few weeks left until YoastCon 2017, it’s time we introduced another of our amazing speakers. Laura Crimmons is Communications Director at Branded3, an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in the UK. Laura herself also has an admirable amount of achievements and awards under her belt, for example being named PR Moment’s Young…

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  • YoastCon interview with Michiel and Marieke

    … November 2, 2017. This date has been etched in the collective Yoast agenda’s for some time now. If you haven’t guessed, it’s when the second edition of the YoastCon SEO conference takes place. This practical conference is aimed at every site owner, business manager, content editor or anyone remotely making money with a site and trying to improve…

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  • 5 questions: Roy Huiskes – Chapter42

    … “SEO is more about being in ALL the right places at the right time.” That’s how SEO and internet marketer Roy Huiskes describes the importance of a complete online presence. He has worked in the business since 2003 and consulted for several big brands. With loads of experience in CRO, analytics and all aspects of online marketing, he’s one…

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  • Ranking #1 with Dave Naylor

    … will be at YoastCon this November, to join us for an exciting panel discussion! To give you all a sneak peek, we asked him about SEO challenges, ranking number one, and online success. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this SEO Genius in action! Get your ticket now for YoastCon 2017! Dave, you’ve been in the SEO industry for a long time now. You founded…

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