You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird is a semi-weekly comedy interview podcast hosted by comedian Pete Holmes on the Nerdist network. The show originated under the premise that Holmes would ask his guest, usually a fellow comedian, about three "weird" things he knew about them, but has since evolved into a much more loose conversation about such complex topics as comedy, religion and sexuality. Holmes has also had many guests that are not comedians, including actors, filmmakers, musicians, authors and pastors. Many guests comment on Holmes' unique laugh, which tends to be very loud and borderline obnoxious. Katie Levine does the tech for & produces the podcast.
Posts about You Made It Weird
  • Solopreneur Project Management Skills (FS078)

    When you’re working on a big project by yourself, you’ve got to have a system to keep your sanity. Most of the big projects we work on — starting a blog, creating a product, publishing a series of podcast episodes, etc — have tons of moving pieces and there’s no one but ourselves to manage things. And it’s so easy to start leaking sanity as things start slipping through your fingers.

    Chase Reeves/ Fizzle- 8 readers -
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