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  • The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blogging Tools for Online Store Owners

    … The best blogging tools can be your sanity saver when you’re trying to get a blog up and running without losing your mind. I know that because I often have online store owners, just like you, reach out to me because they are struggling with what to write for their blog or they overwhelmed with keeping it up. (Side note: If that describes you…

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  • How to Write a Blog for Your Online Store in 5 Easy Steps

    … How to write a blog that generates not only traffic, but also sales, for your eCommerce or online store? Is it even possible? Maybe you’ve tried your hand at blogging and heard crickets! Maybe you’ve labored over a blog post and felt that it’s just TOO hard. Maybe you’ve thought about starting or writing a blog but you already have…

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  • 5 Free SEO Optimization Tools to Boost Your Online Store Rankings

    … as improving SEO rankings. You simply enter your site URL and the tool does all the work in identifying what’s working, what’s not and how you can fix it. Easy, right?! This robust and free site analyzer gives you a comprehensive report on how your website is doing, SEO-wise. From page speed to competitor analysis, you’ll get it all. You will need…

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  • 10 Quick and Easy Website Optimization Tips for Your Online Store

    … Website optimization tips to help you get more sales, increase conversions, boost traffic. Do these even exist? Can a few simple tweaks to your site help you double {or triple!} your sales? Wouldn’t this involve hiring a full-service agency and paying thousands of dollars? I can see the questions floating in your head as you read the title…

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  • How to Write a Product Description that does the Selling for You

    …” the product without holding it in their hands, feeling it, tasting it or smelling it? So, yes, the struggle is real. While I share a full-blown module on writing a product description that help your store to stand out in Your Ultimate Online Store, I wanted to share some of the key pointers that you must keep in mind when crafting descriptions…

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  • How to protect your online store from hackers

    … This is a guest post from Sucuri. Depending on the platform you use for your online store, you may benefit from understanding and taking actions to improve your website security so you can protect your online store from hackers. Every website is vulnerable to attack at some level, even from something as simple as a weak password used by one…

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  • How to increase sales in your online store without discounting

    … Everyone loves saving money when shopping online and coupons are often huge drivers of online sales, but can you increase sales in your online store without discounting your products? I used to be a huge fan of offering coupon codes to my customers when I had my online t-shirt store, but after offering discounts regularly I realized that I…

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  • Five quick ways to grow your email list

    … Freebie related to the product niche in which they’ve shown an interest. Run a Contest on your Website – and give away a gift certificate to your online store, or an actual product, in exchange for their email address. Their email address is their entry to the contest, along with a guarantee that they’ll receive it in a reasonable amount of time…

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  • How to start a blog in under 3 minutes

    … will be using the content on your blog to drive customers to your website. And don’t worry – you don’t need to create a lot of content when you start a blog. You can post once a week or once every two weeks or even monthly depending on your schedule. The most important thing here is to post consistently so that your readers know WHEN to expect new content…

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  • How to Grow Your Business With Effective Blog Content

    This is a guest post from As an online seller, you know better than anyone else that 24 is not enough hours in a day. Your daily to-do list seems to grow three lines for every one you check off. So when someone tells you, “You need to start a blog for your business,” you’re like, “Really? Is that a crucial use of my time when I have so much else going on?” Yes. Yes it is.

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  • What it takes to run a six-figure ecommerce store with Steve Chou of @mywifequit

    … with their online store within their first year in business. Steve and I also talk about managing and predicting inventory, as well as the benefits of having your own inventory vs. dropshipping. We also talk about a big mistake that Steve made with his online store and what you can learn from it as well. About Steve Chou Resources: Do you have any questions for Steve? What were your biggest takeaways from this episode? Leave a comment below – I’d love to continue the conversation! …

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  • The ultimate guide to running a holiday sale

    …-to-Action Your customers have a short attention span while navigating their way through the holiday madness, so you need to make things as easy for them as possible. Make sure you have a strong Call-to-Action at the end. A call to action is a direction to your customers telling them EXACTLY what to do, even if it seems obvious to you. “Go to (website…

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