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  • How to Drive More Sales Using an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

    … and advertising strategy, you increase the chance of people viewing your advertisements. Shareability YouTube videos are also one of the most common types of advertisements people share online. That’s great news because marketers who do use videos experience an increase in their revenue. Their revenue increases roughly 49% faster than marketers who…

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  • PPC Video Campaign Targeting Methods You Shouldn’t Forget

    … today! Display Network Website Placements A common misconception with YouTube ads is thinking they can only show up on YouTube. Not true at all. Many websites allow advertisers to place video ads on relevant websites. The image above showcases a variety of results, but don’t get fooled. Even though you’re setting up a new YouTube campaign…

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  • Google To Let Advertisers Use Search Data For YouTube Ad Targeting

    … February 22, 2017 As the YouTube viewer increasingly shifts to mobile, Google is actively searching for ways to build solutions that will allow advertisers to reach customers across screens in more effective ways. Last month, Google finally announced that they would be allowing users to use search data for YouTube targeting. Up until now…

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  • Is Your Marketing House Built on a Rock or Sand?

    … attempt to monetize his videos since some of the content violates its advertising policy. Ouch. Facebook Amazing Facebook evangelist Mari Smith recently published that Facebook has released new Branded Content standards – a dizzying 40+ page manual. From Mari, what exactly is Branded Content? Facebook defines Branded Content as any post on your…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 26 readers -
  • How to Use Sequential Retargeting in Google Adwords for YouTube

    I rarely encounter marketers who have YouTube retargeting on their digital marketing plan. People try this once and usually 'aren't ready' to waste their money for an existing audience. Why is that? Lack of knowledge or curiosity? In this post I'd like to fight this unwillingness to try new features and explain the this remarketing feature for everyone (a pretty tough task kn ...

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  • Meet The Brands Who Broke Into the Mainstream with YouTube

    … to the party here are four shining examples of YouTube marketing success. 4 Brands Who Gained Success via YouTube Marketing GoPro: Let’s kick things off with one of the biggest Cinderella stories in YouTube advertising history. Nowadays everyone has heard of GoPro, and there’s a good reason these ubiquitous wearable cameras are on folks’ radars: because…

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