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    • 5 Awesome Tools for YouTube Marketers

      With over one billion users currently on YouTube, there’s no denying that whoever forms your audience is most likely on that platform. YouTube marketers are no doubt familiar with this fact. But perhaps even more relevant is that research shows people spend one-third of all their online activity watching videos.

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    • How the New Media Rebellion in Video is Reshaping the Publishing World

      Here’s a gift giving idea for the upcoming holidays: Don’t wait for one of your friends, family, or colleagues to give you Streampunks: YouTube and the Rebels Remaking Media by Robert Kyncl with Maany Peyvan. Order it now and ship it to yourself as fast as possible. Or, find a bookstore near you, and buy it this evening on your way home from work.

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  • How Grow Your YouTube Channel: Top 20 Tips

    … that change. Well, I found that very change in my transition from blogging to vlogging. If you’ve followed the PPC Ian YouTube Channel, you have probably noticed the flurry of activity, ranging from my video about Investing $25 Per Month Commission Free to my Epic 50-Minute Video Interview with Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown. Simply put: I have…

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  • How Refinery29 Owns its Lifestyle Video Presence

    … Founded in 2005 with just $5000 by four friends dedicated to helping others refine their personal fashion, Refinery29 is now one of the most popular, fastest-growing media brands in the world. The female-centric brand defines itself as a “lifestyle destination that delivers nonstop inspiration to live a more creative life,” and as of 2016…

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  • Destruction Content Is Blowing Up on YouTube

    … of the internet’s attention over the last year. In fact, Tubular’s recent State of Online Video Report for Q1 2017 discovered views on clips in this very niche genre increased 366% over the same quarter in 2016! The Sudden Rise in Popularity of Destruction Videos Videos which crush, dismantle, or otherwise annihilate different objects have existed on YouTube…

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  • Entrepreneur Gives #NewFronts2017 Slate of New Digital Shows

    … This week, Entrepreneur Media made a genre-defying jump by presenting a new slate of digital programming at the 2017 NewFronts that taps into the power and passion fueling the American Dream. These programs represent an expansion of the Entrepreneur Network, a partnership with hundreds of top YouTube channels in the business vertical. Although…

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  • YouTube Live: The Ultimate Brand Guide to Live-streaming on YouTube

    … platforms like Facebook Live and By 2010, Google’s online video giant had already broadcast live events around the world, such as a press conference by then-President Obama and a concert by U2. In this same year, YouTube started testing its live feature with select users, before eventually opening up the platform to everyone. YouTube Live…

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  • A Day in the Life Of: An Intern at YouTube Channel Funhaus

    … stems from the fact that they know who their base is on a personal level. They see the same things they do, at the same time they do, and get why they’re funny. It boils down to seeing themselves just as much a part of the internet as the internet is a part of them. It’s something I’ve always appreciated from them. An Intern’s View: The Future…

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  • Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on YouTube

    … channels in the Middle East and North Africa, has seen a year-on-year growth of 50%. Overall, Saudi Arabia has the global highest YouTube watch time per capita, and new data from online video intelligence company Tubular Labs confirms the most influential female YouTube creators in Saudi Arabia in the last 90 days. The female creators listed below…

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  • A Day in The Life Of: Head of Programming at Viral Media Sensation Jukin Media

    … If you’ve ever searched YouTube for fail videos or cute animal compilations, chances are you’ve landed on a channel owned by Jukin Media. The viral video brand searches the web for user-generated content (UGC) on the brink of virality, purchases the rights, and then works with brands to license the content. Jukin also compiles these user…

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  • A Day in the Life: BBC Worldwide's YouTube Channel Manager Thomas Martin

    … Here at Tubular Labs, we focus a lot on the data produced by successful video marketing campaigns and YouTube channels. While metrics such as these can be important to consider, it’s essential to remember that behind each campaign and channel are real-life people making those video efforts as successful as they are. As such, we’ve decided…

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  • 2016 Olympic Games: Vital Lessons in Tent-Pole Video Marketing

    … an impact with a well-edited trackvert than with live video streaming. Video Marketing Secret Weapon: FOMO! However, once the tent-pole event kicks off, the best practices and strategies change. Why? Because everything worth seeing is happening now, in real-time. And this triggers a new emotion: The Fear of missing out (FOMO). During a tent-pole event…

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  • 9 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content Like a Pro

    … repurposing your videos but maybe aren’t sure where to start. The easiest way to get started is to do two things: transcribe your video content and break it into shorter clips. Here are the reasons behind this approach and some helpful tips: Transcribe Your Videos I’m sure you’ve watched a TED Talk or two. Their videos are highly engaging, but the other…

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  • YouTube Channel Rankings - Most Popular YouTube Creators June 2016

    … of music, the most-watched video on YouTube last month was uploaded to the Calvin Harris VEVO Channel. A collaboration with Rihanna, the song found itself in the center of some top showbiz gossip in the wake of break-up between Harris, and co-writer Taylor Swift. A bitter war of words between the two has been playing out on social media, with everyone…

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  • How did L’Oréal Become The Most Watched Beauty Brand in June 2016?

    … Recently, Tubular published the rankings of the most watched beauty brands for the first time. L’Oréal ranked #1 with 89.3 million video views in June 2016. Bunched behind it were Olay at #2 with 63.9 million views, Dove at #3 with 63.8 million views, Avon at #4 with 62.9 million views, and Nivea at #5 with 61.6 million views. Most Watched…

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