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    • A Day in the Life Of: An Intern at YouTube Channel Funhaus

      It’s typical to find online video executives and marketers frequently talking about such topics as brand deals, video strategy, and the best way to stay on top of the market without ostracizing audiences and losing a profit. At a business level, these conversations are important for driving and shaping the future of the industry.

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  • YouTube Community Social Networking Features Launch in Beta

    … YouTube announced the beta release of YouTube Community. The social feature adds a new tab to users’ YouTube channels, which gives creators a new way to engage with their viewers. With YouTube Community, creators can share text posts, live videos, images, GIFs and more to their Community feeds. Subscribers can see this content…

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  • Is Facebook Video the New Platform for Climate Change Discussion?

    … the minute hand of the #DoomsdayClock forward for the first time in three years.” Uploaded by Mashable on Jan. 22, 2015, this Vine has 683K views and 4K engagements. YouTube Encourages Discussion Around Climate Change In November 2015, the Official YouTube Blog encouraged the YouTube community to join the discussion by uploading their own videos…

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  • YouTube Taking Steps to Improve False Copyright Claims

    … and an unresponsive claimant can hold a video “hostage” for 30 days simply by not responding. But for those who have been calling for some change, like the creator below, it appears help is on the way. In the past few weeks, the YouTube community has rallied around creators like GradeAUnderA, I HATE EVERYTHING and the Nostalgia Critic, prompting…

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  • The Fine Bros Backlash and the Problem with Licensing Video Content

    … it, declaring they have created trademarks and are licensing them out, they have thrown down the challenge to anyone trying to copycat their process and make a profit from it. They are not only protecting their assets, but they want people to know it. This has caused a huge outcry in the YouTube community, so much so that Reddit/Videos was forced…

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  • The Indisputable Value of Building a Community Around Video Content

    … When it comes to online video, you can’t find real success without creating content that attracts an engaged community - and you can't build that community without providing great content. Right now, we're seeing established platforms like YouTube and Vevo are making a grab at expanding the breadth and quality of their content, while sites like…

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  • Why YouTube Red is a Step In the Right Direction for Online Video

    … pre-roll spot as your primary means of video marketing on YouTube, consider shifting some of your efforts to a more organic approach. I’m not going to sit here and write that 30 second ad spots are going to disappear any time soon. There will always be a demand for the free portion of YouTube and I expect pre-rolls will be the poison of choice…

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  • The Anatomy of YouTube: 26 Amazing Facts from the Past 10 Years

    … million times. “L Is for Let’s Play” reports that PewDiePie receives 76 million views to his channel a week and is gaining subscribers at a rate of approximately 3.6 new subs a minute. “M Is for Memes” discloses that we watched people put themselves through the ALS challenge over a billion times. “N Is for News” explains there was a 4,600% increase…

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  • Bigger Is Not Always Better: The Value of Longtail YouTubers

    … - their subscriber count. In and of itself, a large number of subscribers does not guarantee high engagement or increase in purchase intent. Imagine for a second that you are a children’s toy brand with the option to either hire a Mommy Vlogger with 5M random subscribers, or a smaller Toy Review Channel with 100,000 subscribers that come to watch…

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  • The History of Video Marketing on YouTube

    … in a meaningful way, but one standout was definitely Tom Dickson, Founder of Blentec, who had started making weekly funny videos for a show they called “Will it Blend?”. This series became a hallmark of early YouTube and helped the Blendtec blender garner plenty of attention. History of Video Marketing: The Early Years of Viral Viral videos like the ones…

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  • How the #ChevyGuy Flub Became a #TechnologyAndStuff YouTube Win

    … notices on videos like these posted by the YouTube community. But the most popular of these videos was apparently reinstated after having been taken down. Perhaps Chevrolet leaned on Major League Baseball and FOX to not do takedowns on this video. In fact, the more views, the merrier - this increases Chevy brand recognition for free in a fun…

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