• VidCon 2016: Top Experts to Unlock Video Industry Secrets

    … MyCupcakeAddiction. He’ll also highlight the five principles that marketers need use to find success with social video marketing. Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm Matt Gielen, the VP of Audience Development & Programming for Frederator Studios and Network, takes a deep dive into how the YouTube algorithm works. He’ll share what he’s…

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  • YouTube and the Frustration with Curated Video Content

    … by content that isn't being uploaded by the original creator. It is encouraging the very behavior that has caused the community backlash in the last few weeks over its treatment of fair use. Even if this content has been properly monetized, there is still no reason YouTube should be promoting it over the original content owners. For example…

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  • The Fine Bros Backlash and the Problem with Licensing Video Content

    … It’s tough being a YouTuber these days. The site has evolved into an all-out competition for viewers where creators have to compete with passionate newcomers, established superstars and the growing segment of big-media backed channels. As a result, most YouTubers are always on the lookout for ways to solidify their position, grow their audience…

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