Yugal Jindle

  • Messages, Events Added to Facebook Page Plugin

    … By David Cohen on Dec. 2, 2015 - 6:30 PM Facebook has added messages and events to its page plugin, which it launched earlier this year. Front-end engineer Yugal Jindle revealed the new features for page plugin in a blog post, saying that the integration of messages into the page plugin will allow users to send Facebook messages…

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  • Facebook to Developers: Page Plugin Replaces Like Box June 23

    …-end engineer Yugal Jindle described the improvements to page plugin in a post on Facebook’s developer blog: Improved width support: As requested by our developer community, we’ve made updates to the page plugin to support a broader range of widths—as wide as 500 pixels and as narrow as 180 px. (Note that you may see minor layout changes due to space…

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