Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise (clothing, posters, etc.), or buy merchandise created by other users, as well as use images from participating companies. Zazzle's proprietary technology enables individuals, professional artists, and major brands, including Disney and Hallmark, to create and offer billions of unique products for customers worldwide. Users are allowed to open their own shop for free and set the profit they wish to make on each item (Royalty).Zazzle was founded in 1999 by Robert Beaver, and his sons Bobby and Jeff Beaver.
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  • How To Make Money Online Using Zazzle!

    … This is my story about how earning my first 29 cents royalty on Zazzle gave me the faith, desire and courage to follow my dreams - leading to $700,000 in earnings-to-date - and blessing me (and my family) with extraordinary life-changing events and opportunities. That 29 cents sent my life in an incredible new direction, one that I previously…

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  • The What, Why and How of Native Advertising

    … or trickery to promote our clients’ products or services. In short, we are adding value. But what is the difference between content marketing and native advertising? According to a recent report by FaR, commissioned by Adyoulike, 83 percent of UK agencies say they are including native advertising in their media plans for the year ahead…

    Laura Miller/ Relevancein Social Paid Search How To's- 28 readers -
  • Content Flow: The "Melodic" Fix for Your "Broken" Content Marketing Strategy

    … to attract and retain. The answer to this disconnect lies in something I call 'content flow', or 'content dynamics', and this post is designed to share the concept to allow you to give it a go. What is content flow? "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle This quote eloquently 'sums' up the true value of content strategy. Your…

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  • How to Monetize Your Blog Today – No Tech Skills Required

    …. However, there are a few easy ways to get started without the stress of buying actual inventory. Zazzle lets you design a wide variety of products, including shirts, hats, key chains, mugs, binders, watches and clocks. It’s free to create products using Zazzle, and you can set your own royalty rate (Zazzle will just increase the price of your…

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  • 4 Holiday Promotion Ideas to Start ASAP

    … to page three for the October through December sections). Some important tips: Make sure your ads are optimized for mobile to hit your customers as they’re out and about shopping. And actively monitor your budget to make sure you don’t go dark in the middle of the holiday season. Image: Holiday coupon from Zazzle …

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  • The secret sauce: 12 essential traits for a successful agency

    … Penson, founder and MD of Zazzle Media: As we are a content strategy agency we have spent a huge amount of time blending expertise from print media, journalism and digital. That process has been ongoing for five years but has resulted in our pillared content ideas process, the way we structure digital PR, and how we pull together content strategies…

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  • Confessions of the SEO Marketers

    … but then whittle down based on the potential return on investment within that specific niche. Simon Penson, Zazzle I wouldn’t say that rel=authorship is worthless, it seems it will be tremendously valuable in the future, but I think it not a major factor at the moment. Now is the time to build the foundation, it isn’t yet the time to see results. Danny…

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