• ZeroPark Does Not Want Clean Ad Spend

    …. The site in question was an online magazine — not an affiliate website — and I launched it three days ago. Naturally, I contacted support, thinking it should be pretty easy to resolve. I was pushed to provide more information: Hi, please let us know how you plan to monetize the visits you send to this landing page. Best, To which I reply… I…

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  • An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on ZeroPark

    … Traditional approaches to affiliate marketing are highly competitive. Furthermore, many advertising providers (e.g. Google Adwords) discourage the use of their platforms for affiliate marketing purposes. If you’re serious about making money from affiliate marketing, you need to think outside the box. ZeroPark is an advertising platform that uses…

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  • ZeroPark Review and Case Study

    … to the advertisement. This type of traffic is similar to PPV pop ups, but from my experiences so far, it seems the visitor is more engaged with a domain redirect rather than a pop up window. ZeroPark recently added the ability to bid on pop up ads as well, which I’ll show below. Over the past few months I have ran over 100 campaigns on ZeroPark testing every…

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