• #014: Daily Themes to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Fan Page

    Are you having trouble getting enough engagement on your Facebook Fan Page? Try out these daily theme ideas to keep your fans entertained and engaged while you have fun and boost your results with the Facebook algorithm! Have fun with the and feel free to come up with your own as well. And, to make things easy for you, I created a PDF with all of the theme ideas mentioned in ...

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  • Attraction Marketing Boot Camp Starts on November 27th

    This time of year brings up a lot of emotions for me as I remember experiencing one of the hardest moments in my life. About 7 years ago at this time of year, I was getting ready to throw in the towel. After many years of exhausting my energy, trying everything I could think of to build my business, and just spinning my wheels, I had had enough.

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  • What Is My Lead System Pro?

    You may have been hearing things out and about on the internet about My Lead System Pro (otherwise known as MLSP). In today’s post I want to give you a detailed breakdown about what it is (and what it is NOT). What Is My Lead System Pro? My Lead System Pro, or MLSP, is an Attraction Marketing platform with an affiliate program attached to it that is set up to teach and train b ...

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  • How To Grow Your Facebook Audience in 7 Days

    One of the challenges I see very often when it comes to Facebook marketing is that people are many times trying to market to their friends and family from their Facebook profile instead of building a targeted audience that they can market to from their fan page. There are 3 main reasons why this doesn’t work well: Often times your friends and family are not AT ALL interested ...

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  • #013: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Discover Your Purpose

    The question,“What is my purpose?” can be a very intimidating topic to consider for many people. More often than not, we tend to put a ton of pressure on ourselves, thinking we have to determine THE thing that we will call our purpose from now until the end of time. And this just simply isn’t the case.

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  • How to Use Facebook Messenger to Market Your Business

    I’m so excited about today’s topic. If you’ve been around me online for a while, you know that I LOVE Facebook. Of all of the amazing social media platforms out there these days, Facebook is, hands down, my favorite one. And it’s certainly the platform that I spend the most time on… which is why I’m always really excited when new and exciting ways to market our businesses get ...

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  • Ecommerce Training (Just on Time for Father’s Day)

    In case you missed my last post about Ecommerce income streams, I wanted to let you know about this! My friend Scott was asking me some questions about online marketing the other day and my response was about how there are SO many ways to make money online. Ecommerce is certainly one of them, and with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc it has become so much easier than it used to be.

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  • #012: 3 Quick Do’s and Don’ts About Branding

    Are you branding yourself, or are you branding your company? I know this sounds like a loaded question… but it’s one I have to ask because it seems like the majority of people who are attempting to build a business online are confused about this topic. More often than not, people jump into a company and get super passionate about what they are promoting… and then they start s ...

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  • What Is a Challenge Group?

    Have you been struggling to get into the shape you want to be in? Maybe you’ve got the working out piece n check, but need some support and assistance around the nutritional aspect of fitness? Maybe you are eating well but can’t find the time to workout, or are having trouble finding a fitness routine that takes your body to the next level without having to drive back and forth to a gym or pay.

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  • A Simple and Effective Facebook Targeting Trick

    In this video, I will show you a super quick and easy strategy to find out exactly who your competitors and colleagues are targeting in their Facebook ads, to help you get some great ideas about different markets that you can target in yours. This is a very simple and effective Facebook marketing technique, and it has the potential to make a big difference for you in your Face ...

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  • #010: You Don’t Need All the Answers with Aaron Janx

    The Find Your Voice Rock Your Blog Podcast Welcomes Aaron Janx If you’ve ever found yourself wanting some no-fluff, straight forward advice for your business or your marketing, this is just the episode for you. Aaron Janx runs a Facebook group called ‘Straight Up Entrepreneurs‘ and if there was anyone ever qualified to tell it like it is (not necessarily what you want to hear, ...

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  • #009: Where I’ve Been (My Return From a Sabbatical)

    Where I’ve Been (My Return From a Sabbatical) I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’m back! I’m dusting off my blog and coming back to be with you. Yay! In today’s episode I will fill you in on where I’ve been, what’s been happening, some shifts that have taken place, and what you can expect from me from this point forward.

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  • #008: Relaunching Your Blog After a Sabbatical PLUS Providing Value Vs. Pitching

    Relaunching Your Blog After a Sabbatical PLUS Providing Value Vs. Pitching In today’s episode I will be answering some specific questions that came in from one of my readers, Chris. These topics will be important to understand and so helpful for you if you feel like you have been branding your company instead of yourself, as well as what to do if you have been missing in action ...

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