• PB175: How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business

      How to Think About Giving up Your Day Job for an Online Business In today’s lesson I want to tell you a story – a story of advice I was given when I was starting out that I ignored – a story of regret and a story that I hope might move you to taking some action! Further Resources on How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business Becoming a ProBlogger – A story in Many Parts How to Start .

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  • 212: 7 More Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog

    Evergreen Content Ideas for Bloggers: Part 2 Today I want to talk about evergreen content, and want to suggest seven more types of evergreen content you might like to try on your blog. This episode is essentially part two of what I started in episode 209, where I suggested the first seven types of evergreen content.

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  • How to establish your brand on Pinterest (and make it popular)

    This is a guest post by Larry Alton If you’re a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ kind of person, then Pinterest may be a great option for you. Its tight-knit community and visual focus make it an ideal board for circulating and popularizing your ideas. And while it may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, it still has more than 150 million active users each month.

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  • 7 Common Newsletter Problems Solved

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at why email newsletters are so important, what your email newsletter might look like, and how to choose the right service for you. So is your newsletter up and running yet? If the answer is “Yes”, is it working as well as you’d like? If not, then read on. I know a lot of bloggers find newsletters a bit daunting.

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  • 211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn

    Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast Today I have a treat for anyone who has ever considered starting a podcast (or already has one), because I’ve just finished a Skype call with Pat Flynn about the art of podcasting. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Pat’s teaching on podcasting is the number one thing that helped me as I was starting the ProBlogger podcast two years ago.

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  • Blog Metrics: Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ Stats

    In a recent ProBlogger Mastermind, I shared a slide that seemed to hit a nerve with the group. While having lots of page views, sessions, fans, followers and even email subscribers may feel good, they don’t actually tell you anything about the health of your blog. I included this in my Mastermind session after having several conversations with bloggers that all started some ...

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  • Comparing Email Service Providers for Bloggers

    This is the third post in our Email Newsletter Series. One major sticking point for most bloggers who are setting up a newsletter is deciding what email service to use. There are lots of different, competing, options out there, and there’s no one perfect solution. Just in case you were thinking about it … don’t try to run a newsletter by emailing everyone through your regula ...

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  • 210: Launching a Blog: How Many Posts Do You Need?

    How Many Live Posts Do You Need When You Launch Your Blog Today, I want to answer a question almost every blogger asks when they start blogging: How many posts should I have live before I launch my blog? It’s a common question I get, and while I’ve mentioned a few approaches in other episodes today I’m tackling the topic specifically.

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  • Should You Disable Comments on Your Blog?

    This is a post by ProBlogger expert Ali Luke When you started out blogging, you were probably thrilled when you got a comment. People were reading your posts, and cared enough to leave their own thoughts. As time went by, you probably found some of the comments very useful. Maybe they sparked off an idea for a different post, or gave you a perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

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  • 3 Examples of Content You Can Include in Your Email Newsletter

    This post is part of our Email Newsletter Series So we’ve convinced you that you need a newsletter, Or maybe you already have a mailing list set up and ready to go. Now, what should you send your readers? A lot of bloggers struggle with what to include in their newsletter. Unfortunately, it often leads to them emailing only occasionally – or not at all.

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  • 209: 7 Types of Evergreen Content You Can Create On Your Blog

    17 Types of Evergreen Content for Your Blog Today I want to talk about Evergreen content, and suggest seven types of evergreen content you might like to try on your blog. I’ve got loads of advice for you today, and in today’s show notes I have a lot of examples you’ll want to check out. Some are from my blogs, but there are also a lot from listeners who put examples of their o ...

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  • A Guest Post Follow Up Strategy for Maximum Success

    Once you’ve understood why guest posting is important, got your pitch accepted, and written the post … you might think you’re done. A lot of the success of your guest post, though, comes from what you do after it’s published. There’s plenty you can do to get the most out of your hard work, including steps you can take: On your own blog On the host blog On social medi ...

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  • How to get Your First Podcast Sponsorship

    This is a post from ProBlogger podcasting expert, Colin Gray. Advertising is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. It’s a step into the ‘money stuff’, into earning cash from your loyal audience, and it can feel like sullying your beautifully crafted content. Who enjoys the sight of a banner ad sticking out like a sore thumb, after all? On a blog, it’s hard to run ads or ...

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  • How You Can Use Your Influence to Help

    Today on the blog we have Sarah Rosberg who founded the Australian Headquarters for charity Rafiki Mwema. I’ve interviewed Sarah to get a charity’s perspective on how you can best help them with your influence as a blogger. Sarah’s tips include the kinds of activities you can do that help (with some great examples), how to choose a cause to support and how to overcome some of ...

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  • 5 Essential Blog Foundations for Strong SEO

    This is a post by ProBlogger's SEO expert, Jim Stewart. Many bloggers start a blog with gusto, rushing to establish a blogging website and share their opinions and knowledge with the world. They choose a popular platform to build on, select an attractive theme with all the bells and whistles, sign up for hosting that appears value for money, before finally writing awesome co ...

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