• 4 Reasons Why Bluetrain.io is a Perfect CMS Solution

    Ayantek worked with The Rao Institute (TRI), an organization founded by best selling author Dr. Srikumar Rao, to build a new website promoting programs to help individuals discover their unique purpose for existence. The programs deal explicitly with issues such as developing personal values, ethics, integrity and achieving mastery.

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  • Why Experimental Data is Essential for Website Design

    Why? Why do you use toggle switch vs. a drop down? Why tabs? Why long page? Why…? Often times clients want to know why proposed solution, feature, interaction, visual treatment - you name it, is better than another. In some cases we, as consultants, can speak from experience, in others it’s good to have some experimental data to support our recommendations.

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  • This Week in Digital Strategy 4.18.14

    Happy Friday, everyone! This week there have been some incredible insights in the world of digital strategy. An aspect of digital strategy that we want to harp on this week is the importance of content marketing. Delivering the right content at the right time is every marketer’s goal. Having a robust content marketing strategy can help get you there.

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  • Getting Started with Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

    It isn’t hard to find information these days about taking your content marketing to the next level. But what if you’re just getting started with content marketing and feeling like you’re late to the party? Where do you actually begin? First, let’s define content marketing. My favorite definition comes from Joe Pulizzi, who is one of the original content marketing gurus, emphasis added by me.

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  • This Week in Digital Strategy 3.7.14

    Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully you are getting caught up in the phenomenon that is True Detective but just in case you aren't we have got you covered with marketing insights. This week we expanded our knowledge in the world of analytics. Investments in analytics are paying off for companies. We also found out the qualities it takes to become a social media superhero, how to ...

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  • Reaching the Pot of Gold: How Investments in Analytics Are Paying Off

    There is a lot of buzz currently about analytics and big data, and rightfully so. The pot of gold that analytics promises is the ability to fully understand customer behavior, derive actionable insights, and further tailor customer experiences to meet the needs of any segment. As evidenced by the projection that big data will grow to a $53 billion dollar industry by 2017, which ...

    Brett Borgeson/ Ayantek Blog- 6 readers -
  • This Week in Digital Strategy 2.7.14

    Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully you had a better week than Bob Costas, whose eye has seen better days. This week was another insightful week in the world of digital strategy. We have rounded up the best articles from around the web. We have a great discussion about mobile this week our Program Director, James Maconochie has posed the question, “Should everything go mobile?” ...

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  • Should Everything Go Mobile?

    We are currently working with a customer to develop a secure customer portal addition to their public website. A fundamental requirement for the portal was that it should be not only accessible to, but easily used by, any device regardless of screen resolution. Today this seems like a no brainer, given the increasing share and significant growth rate in website access from mobi ...

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  • This Week in Digital Strategy 1.24.14

    Happy Friday, everyone! Even though the polar vortex is back providing another blast of cold it was still an insightful week in digital strategy. This week we have rounded up insights from around the web that will help you increase the value of your digital strategy. Featured this week are step-by-step instructions for how to use Adobe InDesign for online projects, the benefits ...

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