• Sam Mizrahi: Builder Behind Canada’s Next Skyscraper

      Nestled in what is referred to as Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region, Canada’s largest and most populous city, Toronto, has worked hard to overcome its dated moniker of The Big Smoke. Indeed, the city that was voted most liveable in 2015 has reinvented itself as a chic international destination, a city that is also home to Canada’s largest group of young entrepreneurs.

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    • 7 Strategies of Digital Marketing for Busy Entrepreneurs

      The average entrepreneur these days has much more to think about and is quite a bit busier than 40 years ago. There was a time where you simply opened your doors and the local public was excited about the opportunity to go into the new store. These days in this global society, the entrepreneur life can get quite a bit more hectic.

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    • The 4 Questions You Need to Answer About Your Blog’s Privacy Policy

      You can easily overlook your blog’s privacy policy while you’re focused on creating content. But neglecting it is a dangerous mistake. A clear privacy policy protects you from legal liability and shows your integrity to readers. You’re legally required to have a privacy policy on your website. Laws like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) require certain mea ...

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  • A Look at Your Risks as a Small Business: Why You Need Insurance

    It’s unfortunate that the concept of insurance creates images of rather negative events in our minds – often we either focus on the expenses associated with the policy, or we envision bad events that can have serious consequences. Such reactions are completely understandable, especially to the start-up and novice business owner – but they are based on emotions and not on level-headed thinking.

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  • It Takes Only Five Words to Create Added Value for Your Customers

    Delivering value to customers is important for entrepreneurs. While willing to make a purchase, your customer has to derive some value from what you are offering them. However, what is customer value and how do you deliver it? Value is not what you say it is, it’s what your buyer says by showing a willingness to buy from your business rather than going to your competitor.

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  • Affordable Solutions to Getting More Content on Your Blog

    Though writing may be your passion, maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Many bloggers after several months of writing start to run out of fresh new ideas to put on their site. As a result, the blog posts become less frequent and readers stop following. You’ve worked hard to earn your readers and losing them, simply because you need more content isn’t worth it.

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  • Quick & Easy Funding for Your Small Business

    Australian small businesses face many challenges when seeking venture capital funding, or lines of credit. Typically, financing options are restricted to banks and financial institutions. The rigmarole that you are subjected to can prove disheartening, and hamstring your business ideas before they take root.

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  • 5 Reasons You Need to Book a Vacation Now

    Employees who work full-time in the United States are required to have benefits and vacation time. There’s a reason that the U.S. government saw fit to require vacation days as a standard for employees. We need vacations for our health and sanity. Despite this, it’s surprising how many people don’t take their vacation days. Unfortunately, their health suffers as a result.

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  • 4 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Dropshipping Business

    Creating a Dropshipping business may be one of the easiest things to do to start building a business, but that’s not going to make you money. In order to make your millions – or even thousands – you’re going to need to let people know what you can offer them. Marketing your business and optimizing your website for search engines is what will make all the difference to your pockets.

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  • Irma Leaves a Warning for Georgia Homeowners

    Despite being downgraded to a tropical depression as it rolled through Georgia, Irma was not to be taken lightly. High winds and tornado activity tore off roofs. Storm surge isolated coastal communities. Flood water cascaded down streets. Trees toppled through houses. More than a million Georgians were left without power. The Warning It has happened before. It will happen again.

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  • test

    Blogtrepreneur Blogtrepreneur.com exists to provide the insight and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurs and business ow ...

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  • Agile Development Methods, and How to Apply Them

    The Agile software development methodology is the one that a .Net development company can follow to speed up its project development processes and make them more effective. Some of the various Agile methods are reviewed below. Adaptive Software Development (ADS) This method was created by James A. Highsmith III.

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  • What You Should Watch for When Looking for a Good Web Hosting Deal in 2017

    More than the front end, a lot of important things happen on the back end, hinged on web hosting. For one, and not many people realize, is that your online marketing efforts depend on the right web host. This is why it’s so important to get it right the first time to avoid wasting time and money. https://www.pexels.

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  • 5 Tips When Starting a Business With Almost No Money

    You’ve come up with a business idea that you’ll think will fly and you’re excited. You’re prepared to take some risks like ditching your social life or quitting your current job. The only road bump that could threaten to burst your bubble is your bank balance. With little money in the kitty, getting a business off the ground may threaten your business dream.

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  • Top 5 Small Business Customer Engagement Strategies

    As most large corporations know very well, customer engagement is one of the keys to building long term customer loyalty and revenue streams. Many companies spent $100 billion on customer engagement efforts several years ago. Today, it’s probably much more than that. However, customer engagement isn’t something that only the largest multinational corporations should worry about.

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  • 7 Proven Ways to Boost eCommerce Sale (That Work Fast)

    Nearly 70% of Americans shop online regularly. Does your e-store make big sales daily? Are you satisfied with your eCommerce sales? Well, if not, you are missing out on your competitors. And this is not what you want, do you? Opening an e-store is not enough. It takes more than just any website to acquire customers. Is there any secret to boosting sale? And the answer is Yes.

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