• Why marketing technology is sucking the life out of the marketing profession

      By Mark Schaefer In the medical profession, technology is being used to cure disease, significantly improving life expectancy nearly everywhere in the world. In the automotive industry, we are at the dawn of nearly miraculous connected, self-driving vehicles. And in physics, technology is being applied to unlock the very secrets of our universe.

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    • New Research Answers: Is Content Marketing Sustainable?

      By Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo Is content marketing sustainable? This is the question Mark Schaefer posed in his seminal “Content Shock” post in early 2014. Four years later, what does the data tell us about his predictions? On the plus side it has never been easier to research and create content, from blog posts to videos.

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    • Five marketing leadership lessons from the Internet’s biggest scandal

      Logan Paul discovers a dead body in a Japanese forest By Mark Schaefer I normally don’t dive into the world of teen YouTube stars. I’m interested in the sociological phenomena, but beyond that, I find the incessant camera posing and bro pranks boring. No surprise. This is the new “boy band” and I am not their target audience! But this week the Internet absolutely blew up af ...

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  • Amazon puts experiential marketing at a crossroads

    By Mark Schaefer Are we at the end of experiential marketing or the beginning? Most marketers acknowledge the importance of creating customer experiences that lead to awareness and loyalty. But all you need to do is read the news and discover that there is a consumer revolution afoot. Does experiential marketing matter as much as it used to? 60 percent of 2017 holiday sale ...

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  • Facebook bombshell: It has stopped growing.

    By Mark Schaefer Have you had a feeling that Facebook is reversing course? My friends at Edison Research and Triton have released new a new study indicating … that might be true. We see in the graph above that for the first time Facebook has stopped growing … by a lot. This is a “tease” for a larger study coming out from Edison called The Infinite Dial (you can sign up for ...

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  • My client burst into tears. And that was a very good thing.

    By Mark Schaefer The other day I was conducting an executive coaching session with a senior healthcare industry executive. Unexpectedly, in the middle of our conversation, she burst into tears. I knew this was an excellent sign of personal progress. Allow me to explain. The disproportionate emotion One of the things I’ve learned throughout my life is that when I have an emo ...

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  • Go-to resources to modernize your marketing mindset

    By Mark Schaefer I have this little offering on my site where anybody can sign up for an hour of my time. It’s become a fun way to stay in touch with the business needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and folks seeking a little help building their personal brand. Through dozens of conversations, I am beginning to see a common theme emerge with these business professionals.

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  • Does every brand need to take a political stand?

    By Mark Schaefer On a recent interview, I was asked if we are moving to a day when every brand and company will be forced to take a stand on politics and issues of the day. My tongue-in-cheek answer was “No, sometimes you just want a hamburger or a carwash without a debate!” I don’t think everything in our lives will be politicized. That would simply be exhausting.

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  • Have you considered using the Telegram app as a Marketing Tool?

    By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist On January 31, 2018 Apple banned Telegram and Telegram X from its App Store, citing “inappropriate content.” The backlash was immediate, and the apps returned to the store almost overnight. At its core, Telegram is a messaging app. It features both direct and group messaging and has a strong commitment to privacy.

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  • Sex sells. But how about beauty and truth in the age of authenticity?

    By Mark Schaefer This is a blog post about beauty, sex, and marketing. It’s not a clickbait headline. We’re sailing into new waters today marked by towering waves of change and an undertow of psychological conflict. Beauty in our culture has become the new battleground in the age of authenticity, a trend that pits nature against nurture, challenges our deepest human desires, ...

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  • The techlash: Are people ready to fight back against Big Tech?

    By Mark Schaefer Social media has gotten weird. It has congealed into a monopolistic mess. It can be manipulative and even dangerous. It is a threat to democracy. Why aren’t people more concerned? An insightful article in The Economist (“The techlash against Amazon, Facebook and Google—and what they can do”) suggests that maybe time is up.

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  • Brands need to stop the insanity and invest in true influence

    By Avtar Ram Singh, {grow} Contributing Columnist Influencer marketing is becoming a crowded space. There’s barely any loyalty between influencers and brands, especially in smaller cities and geographies. It’s also becoming confusing and controversial. A brilliant piece of journalism from The New York Times cast some light on the rise of social media bots and the inflated fo ...

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  • Five golden lessons from writing 2,000 blog posts (and counting)

    Blogging at SXSW, circa 2012 By Mark Schaefer Some time ago, I zoomed past 2,000 blog posts on {grow}. I wasn’t really paying attention to the numbers too much but there you have it … a milestone of sorts. Next year will be my tenth anniversary as a blogger so this might be a good time to pause and reflect on the lessons from writing a few millions words for you. 1.

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  • Why you should worry about Europe’s new hate speech laws

    By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist If you’re creating content and/or social media updates in Europe, or you’re creating content that you want Europeans to consume, you should be aware of recent changes in definitions of free speech, especially in Germany. Europe’s biggest country and economic powerhouse has tightened its claws on freedom of expression.

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  • To dramatically increase creativity, slash your budget in half

    By Mark Schaefer Early in my career, I learned an extraordinary lesson about creativity: Money kills it. Here’s my story. We were all out of a job As a young man I worked in PR for a Fortune 100 company and was shipped out to become the communications manager at a massive manufacturing facility in Texas.

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  • Social Proof and the Business Case for Buying Fake Followers

    By Mark Schaefer The New York Times just published an extraordinary and detailed report called “The Follower Factory” detailing the black market for fake followers, likes, and comments. The reporters outed politicians, athletes, and even social media gurus who had bought followers from a company called Devumi. (The State of New York is now investigating this company).

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  • The new marketing career: What do you need to do to remain relevant?

    By Mark Schaefer On the new Marketing Companion episode Tom Webster and I explore our illogical work histories and what we’re doing to assure that we have a meaningful and relevant marketing career in the future. Tom and I have cumulatively been working in marketing for more than 50 years. In this podcast, we peel back the curtain talk about our work, our path, and out future.

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