• How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Templates

      Close your eyes and picture this: it’s May 3, end of day, all the designers have gone home and suddenly it hits you: tomorrow is Star Wars Day—May the 4th—a huge marketing opportunity and you’ve got nothing. A mad scramble ensues to come up with a clever concept, create assets, and execute in time to ride the wave of lightsabre-filled fun. In some cases, it may be too late to do anything at all.

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    • 8 Things to Do During Your First Week as a Social Media Manager

      It’s your first day as a social media manager for a new company. Where do you even start? This question is a common one, but one that often goes unasked as people are worried about seeming inexperienced or making a bad impression when they start a new job. Really, it’s a very reasonable question. Making a critical error would be far more costly than asking colleagues for help.

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    • The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags

      Hashtags are such a prominent part of culture today that it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t know what they are. In fact, the hashtag is so recognized that it was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2010, and the Scrabble Dictionary in 2014 (#official). Yet even as most people have come to know what they are, many people still don’t understand how to use hashtags.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad in Minutes

    It’s easy to get confused with Facebook advertising. From behavioral targeting to pixel tracking, Facebook offers a bewildering number of targeting options, advertising best practices, and ad formats. In this article, you’ll learn the five elements of successful Facebook ads. I’ll walk you through each step.

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  • 6 YouTube Channels Your Social Team Can Learn From

    YouTube is a great platform for social media education—you’ve got interviews with the best in the business, tutorials on the latest gadgets, and experts who breakdown otherwise-complicated social media strategies in detail. To save you time, we hunted down the best YouTube channels for social media marketers. Let the learning begin.

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  • Social Ad Targeting: How to Reach an Audience that Converts

    Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and it’s no surprise that social media spending in the U.S. alone is expected increase to $17.34 billion in 2019. A primary reason why social media is the perfect place to advertise for any business, is that it gives the advertiser complete control over audience targeting, making it easier ...

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  • What it Takes to Create a Great Social Video: A 10-Step Guide

    When it comes to producing great videos for social media that drive engagement and audience growth, there’s no perfect formula. But there are certain ingredients that can go along way to achieving success. In this guide we take you through Hootsuite’s own 10-step video creation process and tell you how we made one of our most successful videos to date (below). 1.

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  • Social Media Lessons from a Silicon Valley Veteran

    LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks in the world—experiencing a 1,000 percent growth rate in just over 10 years and boasting over 530 million users. At the helm of this powerful social network’s marketing department is chief marketing officer (CMO) Shannon Brayton. Brayton has over two decades of experience working for some of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive ...

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  • 11 Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

    Facebook engagement refers to any action that someone performs on a Facebook page. This might include liking a post, leaving a comment, sharing one of your updates, clicking a link, viewing a video, etc. Engagement is an important part of any Facebook marketing strategy as it can lead to better organic reach, which in turn can help drive traffic to your site—or even boost sale ...

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  • How to Schedule YouTube Videos: A Quick Step-by-Step Guide

    Creating great content on YouTube is enough of a challenge without the time it takes to publish and promote your videos. The good news is you can schedule YouTube videos on the platform itself or with a social media management platform like Hootsuite. For time-strapped social marketers, one of the key benefits of choosing the latter option is that you can then promote your vid ...

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  • Using Micro-Communities to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

    As more people and businesses compete for attention on social media—and networks like Facebook continue to tweak their algorithms—many businesses are seeing a steady decline in organic reach. The most touted solution is to buy social ads. But what if your business doesn’t have a social advertising budget? How can you increase organic reach… organically? The rise of dark socia ...

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  • 13 Creative Examples of Brands Using Twitter’s 280 Characters

    Ever since Twitter made the exciting (and controversial) decision to expand their character limit from 140 characters to a whopping 280 characters, brands have been exploring new ways to make the most of the added space. Twitter implemented the change after discovering that nine percent of tweets in the English language hit the character limit.

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  • 5 Tips For Rediscovering Hope And Inspiration In Your Social Media

    This post was originally published on Forbes. Remember when social media was fun, uplifting … even inspiring? These days, the constant stream of bad news on our feeds, not to mention the added threat of fake news, can make going on social media downright depressing at times. But the “good” is still out there.

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  • 6 Ways Brands Are Using Messenger Apps to Reach their Audience

    Messenger apps and chatbots exist to answer questions and fulfill requests for users—without them ever having to leave their computer or mobile device. This is great news for businesses. Early adopters of messenger apps—like 1-800-Flowers—report that 70 percent of their new customers have been generated through online chat tools.

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  • How to Schedule Tweets to Save Time

    Too many tweets and too little time? No worries. In this guide we’ll show you, a savvy social media pro, how to schedule tweets to save time that can spent engaging your followers. How to schedule tweets on Twitter There are two ways to schedule tweets on Twitter natively. You can do it via the creatives tab (you must have a credit card on file to access the creatives tab), or ...

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  • Are We Entering the Era of Millisecond Marketing?

    This post was originally published on Adweek. Nowadays, it’s a scene you’ll pretty much see only in movies: Stock traders in brightly colored jackets frantically shouting and flashing symbols on exchange floors. But this was how stocks were bought and sold for most of Wall Street’s history. Then, in the 1990s, electronic exchanges entered the picture.

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  • 8 Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Business

    There are etiquette guides for almost any situation, from table settings to international business meetings. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a communication medium as culturally transformative as social media also comes with its own code of common courtesies and customs. Businesses in particular need to adhere to this etiquette, since social media is such a public forum.

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