• Email Marketing Automation: The Best Tools Compared

      Email is a powerful marketing tool and a mailing list is easily an online business' most valuable asset. It makes sense, then, to ask yourself which one of the many email marketing tools available is "the best". Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer. Email marketing tools tend to be highly complex and packe ...

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    • High Performance WordPress Hosting – Which One’s the Best?

      If you've​ got a WordPress website, we're willing to bet online advertisements from generic hosting services like BlueHost and HostGator have targeted you before. How do we know?​ These companies have massive advertising budgets and capture large swaths of uninformed and unsuspecting customers as a result.

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  • How To Write Profitable Autoresponder Emails like This Kopy Kingpin

    You’ll agree that every time a visitor to your website subscribes, it’s a moment to celebrate. But are you actually treating that conversion with the proper respect it deserves? I mean, are you just lazily delivering your new fan with a one-and-done “Thanks for signing up, here’s your content upgrade” email? Or are you treating every new subscriber like a VIP and dropping au ...

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  • How to Turn Yourself Into an Idea-Generation Machine

    What is your unique skill? The one thing you're here for to share with the world... well, assuming you have something like this. Sorry. We don't all do. But the good news is that with a little work, we all can build up a skill that has unique value. While some people can't even go to the shops without seeing a business opportunity, others struggle.

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  • Irresistible Offers: Why Advertising to Fewer People Will Get You More Customers

    How good is your offer? What do you offer to visitors on your website, in exchange for their attention, time and money? How good that offer is can make or break a business. A bad offer is almost impossible to move, even if your marketing and copywriting are excellent. With a good offer, on the other hand, getting traffic, sales and loyal ...

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  • Giving Away Free Stuff is Harder Than You Think

    “114,585 leads in less than 30 days!” “We collected over 100,000 new subscribers in our first month!” “We gathered 20,000 leads in 14 days!” These are the kinds of claims used to advertise viral giveaway or contest apps. When you read such statements, it’s easy to thin ...

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  • Stripe vs PayPal vs Gumroad: How To Sell eBooks on Your WordPress Website

    So you finally managed to finish your first eBook? That’s great...congratulations! After all those months of struggling to turn your first writing idea into an info-product reality, it’s done and you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of your hard work with some online sales. Now you just have to find a way to accept money from your audience and you’ll l ...

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  • Irresistible Offers: One Offer To Rule Them All

    Having an amazing product is great. But if your offer is not good enough, your business will never really take off. ​In the previous episode of our Irresisitible Offers podcast series, you could learn ...

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  • Join My 2018 Productivity Experiment

    Today, I'm turning my usual approach on its head. What I normally do is test out different tools, systems and ideas in my own business and life and then report here (in articles and videos) what worked and didn't work for me. Today, I'm inviting you to join me in my role of be ...

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  • 7 Highly Effective People Reveal Their Favorite Productivity Hacks

    Warning: if you're always feeling highly productive, know your goals and priorities and not even the combination of crying babies, barking dogs and unreliable internet connection could distract you, this episode is not for you. Everyone else, read on. Staying produtive all the time is hard, especially is you don't have a boss and coworkers in the same room to hold you accountable.

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  • The Emergency Intervention for Your Copywriting Skills

    You've got a serious problem. Yes, you. The problem is that your copywriting is terrible. And bad copywriting touches every aspect of your business. It makes it more difficult to sell things, it makes it more difficult to get traffi ...

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