• 7 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018

      Every year around this time I take a step back and to ponder some predictions for your field for the coming year. Some come to be, others are a few years early, and then there’s predictions I’m still waiting to come true years later. You can’t win them all, unfortunately. That said, the trends I’m following lead me to believe that the seven predictions below will become true in 2018.

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    • Why Inbound Marketing Alone Likely Won’t Work Anymore

      Much has been written opining the impact of high-levels of content publishing online across the globe and its impact on marketing. In fact, Mark Schaefer was the first to kick off the debate in January of 2014. To paraphrase his argument: The amount of content being published online is increasing at an exponential rate and will surpass people’s ability to consume it. He calls this “Content Shock.

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    • Your ‘Message’ Might Be the Crux of Your Content Issues

      Content Marketing, Owned Media Marketers have lost control of their brand conversations. Back when only a handful of channels existed, marketing and sales controlled the flow of information — particularly in the medium- and high-consideration buying decisions that Adele Revella says “require a considerable investment of your buyers’ thought and time.

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  • Registration Now Open for Intelligent Content Conference 2018

    Mark Your Calendars Location: The M Resort Spa & Casino 12300 S Las Vegas Blvd Henderson, NV 89044 Dates: March 20-22, 2018 About the Conference Next March, the industry’s best and brightest content professionals will head to Las Vegas for the next annual Intelligent Content Conference. The ICC, acquired by the Content Marketing Institute in 2014, is the country’s premie ...

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  • 5 Ways To Utilize LinkedIn For Marketing Success

    You know you need to keep up to date with the latest and best platforms out there to reach your marketing goals. LinkedIn has been around for a while and is one of the most effective online professional platforms to date. Engaging trusted NYC SEO experts will ensure the full power of LinkedIn is used to reach new and existing customers.

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  • Why it is Important to Register Private Domains (Avoiding Domain Scams and Spam)

    Every time you register a domain name you will be asked to give your personal details, including your name, number, and address. This is logged by the registrar and used to lock your details to that domain for the entirety of the time it is registered to you. It is standard practice and countless novice webmasters will allow this to happen without a second thought.

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  • Top Tools That Help to Sell Your Content Online (2018 Edition)

    The ecommerce industry generates nearly $2 trillion in yearly sales, as per Hosting Facts. If you wish to get in on the action, you need to start your own online business – one that puts your experience and knowledge to good use. A lot of digital entrepreneurs have found success in creating and selling digital products, such as online training and coaching programs, membership ...

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  • Content Marketing Trends likely to Rule in Future

    The year 2017 is turning out to be an eventful year for the world of content marketing. Owing to the rapid technological development, it requires some years for the particular trend to take a real form. Like talking in terms of Google Glass, even though it was predicted to be huge while it was launched, but things didn’t shape as expected.

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  • Google Unleashes New AR Stickers App

    Pixel Users Rejoice! You Can Now Put Porgs Everywhere Just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Google has launched their first ARcore app, making it possible for Pixel phone users to drag and drop their favorite Star Wars characters like BB-8 and the lovable Porgs into the real world, via the camera feed.

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  • 13 Strategies to market Your Small Business on a Tight Budget

    Marketing your small business is important, but doing it on a tight budget can be challenging. The good news is that you don’t need thousands of dollars to develop a powerful marketing strategy. With a little creativity and some marketing know-how, you can turn your tight marketing budget into sales. Here are 13 strategies to make it happen. 1.

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  • Erin Madsen, Content Director for Content Marketing Agency MSP-C, Elevated to VP Status

    In a move that will further elevate and expand MSP-C’s impressive list of credits and clients, the Minneapolis based content marketing agency has named 2017 Content Council Rising Star Award winner Erin Madsen as their new Vice President of Content. Erin Madsen previously worked for MSP-C as their director of content where she, and her team of editors, built a unique website f ...

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  • Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy with the Right Content Audit Tips

    Content Audit is a big word in itself and heavy enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most brilliant and experienced bloggers and marketers. It is no less than a torture of boredom and is often the stuff of nightmares. But then again, it is so crucial that you just can’t let go of it. A content audit is capable of delivering big insights into your website’s content ...

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  • 5 Top Tips When Choosing What Kind of Website to Make

    I have made dozens of websites in my time and I have helped with the creation of many more. These websites cover many different subjects and make money through several different revenue streams. Creating websites has become like an addiction for me. I love the process of getting starting, launching, and then watching as it succeeds or fails (I enjoy the former more than the latter, of course).

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  • Constant Contact Introduces Powerful New Email Marketing Features

    AN EMAIL MARKETING REINVENTION For marketers, the stress of designing effective and appealing email marketing campaigns has just been alleviated with Constant Contact’s powerful new email marketing features. On December 12th, Constant Contact, part of the Endurance International Group’s Business unit, announced many new features including it’s next generation editor with easy to ...

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  • 7 Proven Ways to Boost Engagement on Instagram

    Instagram has been used by its fans to post selfies, kittens, and food for almost eight years. But: Those days are far behind us. Instagram has developed as a valuable social media platform for marketing: The community has grown to more than 700 million users. 7% of U.S. companies use it for promoting their brands. Around 60% of Instagrammers have learned about a brand on the platform.

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  • Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Work

    Most writing on the internet is garbage. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the web hosts an infinite amount of content and content creators, but few curators of that content. Furthermore, it can be intimidating to try and revamp your writing; it’s akin to climbing a mountain or building a house. But if you’re serious about creating solid content (and what business isn’t these ...

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