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      There are a huge number of podcasts out there that provide fresh and highly actionable marketing advice. If you’re looking to evolve and grow into a successful marketer, podcasts can help you get there. And guess what: I’ve reviewed over 200 podcasts and have compiled a list of the best the internet has to offer. And I’ve made sure to include my personal favourites.

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    • 7 Social Media Hacks You Need To Implement Now!

      According to a Pew Research Centre report from 2015, nearly two thirds of Americans are using social networking websites. By 2020, almost 3 billion people across the world will be using social media. If you’re an individual creating your own brand, a businesses owner, an advertising agency or a brand manager, read on to learn simple and cool hacks to create a strong social media following.

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    • Interview with the Wizard of Moz: Rand Fishkin

      Hello inbound marketers, I had the privilege to invite the Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin as my guest for the first interview in the TechWyse Interview series 2017. For anyone in the digital marketing world, Rand is a person who needs no introduction, as he is the single most renowned inbound marketer of our time. Rand got his start as a Seattle-based web design entrepreneur.

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  • All You Need to Know About Digital Branding

    When I started thinking about writing an article about branding, I did some research about the topic and I was shocked to see the result that appeared on the Google SERP. An article which was written 17 years ago is showing up in the first position (probably the author of that article hadn’t heard about digital branding at that time). I did a deep research on the page.

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  • Content Marketing Tips For The Health And Fitness Industry

    The health and fitness industry has dominated online content like no other vertical. But how can businesses and brands stand out in a saturated market? Like a stellar workout routine, your content marketing strategy should improve your (organic) health. This industry is at a unique vantage point to drive high engagement with compelling, motivational and inspirational content.

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  • This Week: SEO in 2018, Page Speed Boost, and Social Offline

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most significant and impressive articles from across the web. We’re looking at SEO trends to watch in 2018, as well as boosting your page speed effectively, and the latest social media craze for marketers. We’re also looking at generating website traffic and leads with content and the importa ...

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  • Top Internet Marketing Tools of 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    In order to increase your ranking on Google, it’s a good idea to invest your time and money in both free and paid internet marketing tools. Let’s jump into 2017 with a compiled list of tools that can help make your internet marketing easier and more efficient. These tools will allow you to ...

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  • The Most Effective Questions in Uncovering Your Target’s Real Objections

    While sales calls should always end with a strong question about objections, leading questions throughout the conversation allow sales leaders to organically discover and address objections before they come up. So, how can you avoid “tire kickers” who waste your time? There are 3 subtle questions designed to uncover your prospect’s potential constraints through the course of a single call: 1.

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  • How To Generate Ecommerce Sales Using Facebook Ads

    Have you tried Facebook advertising for your ecommerce site? If not, there are plenty of reasons why you should! For starters, Facebook’s targeting features allow your ads to show to the right people based on location, demographics, education, lifestyle, purchase behaviour and more. You also get the ability to show your ads to past customers and recent visitors of your site.

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  • Rise to the Top WrapUp: September

    Our busy season is off to a great start. We were hit with a late-Fall heat wave in Toronto. But — despite a drop in temperature — the TechWyse team will bring the heat and prove that with a change of scenery, we’re ready to take success to the next level. In this monthly blog, I’ll share cultural, company and service highlights.

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  • Big Data: All You Need Is Less

    So many people today are saying data is revolutionizing the world, and that with this much data, we’ll be able to solve complex problems and acquire a higher form of intelligence and knowledge. In 2010, Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, was reported as saying: “Every two days, as much information is created as has been in existence since the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

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  • Using Google Seller Ratings to Rev Up AdWords ROI: a Step by Step Guide

    Did you know that Google Seller Ratings can be of great help to you and your business? In fact, the majority of online businesses that have managed to develop a solid reputation have done so with the help of these seller ratings. So, what is the real power behind Google Seller Ratings? First, Google Seller Ratings go a long way in letting shoppers know how good your products are.

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  • Interview with Jason O’Hare @MobileMonkey

    It’s no secret that I love meeting and connecting with new people. Whether it be someone in the industry or an elderly lady at the bus stop, I’m always down for a chat. In the most basic sense, I love hearing stories. This is exactly what prompted me to ask today’s guest, Jason O’Hare, if he would be interested in doing an interview for the TechWyse blog.

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  • This Month: Top Digital Marketing Stories [Podcast]

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve recapped the most helpful and insightful articles from our September weekly roundups. We’re looking at common SEO mistakes blogs make, as well as snackable social media content, and tips to boost your PPC strategy. We’re also looking at content strategy creation, and common landing page conversion mistakes.

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