• Five quick tips to boost your SEO in 2017

      It’s the right time of the year to evaluate your SEO strategy and examine the best ways to improve it during 2017. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, though. New year’s resolutions are not just about our personal goals, so it may be the ideal moment to focus on your business goals and seek for the best ways to boost your SEO presence to improve authority, value and ranking.

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    • Google Index set to go ‘mobile-first’ within months

      As if you haven’t experienced enough turbulence in the last few months, what with the release of Penguin 4.0 and the proliferation of AMP through organic SERPs, Google has announced that it will soon be splitting its index between mobile and desktop. Speaking at Pubcon last week, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes stated that Google will create a separate mobile ind ...

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  • How to create a kickass link-building strategy for local SEO

    Link-building is a tried and tested SEO tactic, and although there are a number of dubious ways to go about it, at base developing a strong link-building strategy is a smart and very necessary way to get your site ranked above your competitors. This is particularly true of local SEO, where a few savvy tactics for building links and relationships with other local businesses can ...

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  • What is SEM?

    If you are coming to this article as a novice, I know what you are thinking. “Not another damned 3 letter acronym! Don’t we have enough?” Well, apparently not, and unfortunately there isn’t all that much we can do to stop the ever growing database of aforementioned acronyms. We must therefore get accustomed to not only knowing what they stand for (Search Engine Marketing, in ...

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  • Should I move my WordPress website to HTTPS?

    Whether you’re a website owner or a website visitor, everyone wants a fast loading website which can carry out sensitive exchanges of information securely. In 2014, Google announced that it was beginning to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, signalling an increased emphasis on secure connections from the world’s biggest search engine.

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  • What may be slowing your site down (and how to fix it)

    A slow site is a slow death for a brand. Whether you have a blog, an online storefront or anything else, your viewers need to able to form a positive impression fast. You have to be able to load a page quickly to pull that off. Back in 2012, there was a study that found it takes under 3 seconds for people to decide whether or not your site is worth staying on.

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  • What is Google Stamp and what will it mean for marketers?

    Google is set to launch a competitor to Snapchat Discover, known as Google Stamp. This new product will bring with it a host of opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike, but it brings with it some challenges too. What do marketers need to know about this new service, and how successful will it be? Early in August, news leaked via the Wall Street Journal that Google ...

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  • How to create the perfect 404 page

    Optimizing your 404 page is unlikely to top your list in terms of digital marketing priorities. However, it’s not something you should overlook or try to rush – especially if your site is frequently changing URLs. 404s (…or four zero fours if you’re in the military) are just another marketing tool – if made correctly.

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  • How to optimize VR content for search

    Virtual reality (VR) has been the talk of the town for a little while now and its marketing potential is getting difficult to ignore. Whether using it to look around a potential new home without leaving your sofa, or to explore a popular scuba diving spot without touching a drop of water, the possibilities are endless and exciting.

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  • How advertisers can score big on the next device launch

    On the cusp of the latest iPhone release, columnist Purna Virji from Bing offers insights to help advertisers cash in on new device launches. We’ve all seen the news headlines. They queue, they camp, they chant. And sometimes, they even stampede. Just to get their hands on a new device. And while these are the more extreme cases, it’s clear that consumers love technology, rea ...

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  • Baidu SEO: How to optimize for China’s biggest search engine

    Speak to pretty much anyone about SEO and the rhetoric will largely be in regards to the “Big G”. It makes sense. Google has a worryingly large share of the search engine market, especially in Europe and the US, so why would SEOs spend additional time trying to capture traffic from the lesser-used search engines? However, unless you’ve been a conspiracy theory style recluse f ...

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  • Google Search Console: What the latest updates mean for marketers

    Google Search Console has long been a go-to platform for SEOs on a daily basis. It provides invaluable insight into how people are finding our websites, but also allows us to monitor and resolve any issues Google is having in accessing our content. Originally known as Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console has benefited from some significant upgrades over the past decade.

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