• Our Next Chapter: Simply Measured Acquired by Sprout Social

      780440 Today, I’m extremely proud to announce Simply Measured has been acquired by Sprout Social. As Sprout’s CEO and Cofounder, I’ve long admired Simply Measured and their approach to technology and innovation, so we are excited to welcome their passionate, talented team members and unique tools to Sprout.

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    • What to Consider When Building Your Social Media Team

      When it comes to hiring for our social media division at Tank, I’m often asked how we go about finding someone trusted to be the public presence for our wide range of clients. These national and international brands all have their own rigorous recruitment processes – so it is only right that we reflect this by bringing the best people into our agency.

      Simply Measuredin Social- 46 readers -
  • Instagram Stories 101: What Social Marketers Need to Know

    1024512 Our Instagram Stories 101 webinar broke down the basics of Instagram’s high-growth feature. Lynae Cook and Jen Joyce were our gracious hosts, explaining why brands should invest in Instagram Stories, how to best leverage the feature, and how to measure and optimize as you go along. Missed it? Here’s what you need to know. Scroll down for the full deck and the webinar recording. 1.

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  • 3 Social Media Tactics to Maximize Holiday Sales

    16941260 The holiday season serves up profit-boosting opportunities for businesses large and small. Social media is a key element to your holiday sales success. From tailoring your marketing message for your social followers, to delivering holiday themed deals, social media can maximize your holiday sales in a big way.

    Nick Rojas/ Simply Measured- 14 readers -
  • How to Audit Your Instagram Stories

    25601440 All good things come to an end. At least that’s what we’ve been told. I’d like to argue that this isn’t necessarily true, considering how disappearing content has changed the social marketing scene. Ephemeral content (disappearing content) has taken the social scene by storm, and marketers are starting to understand how content that eventually goes away attracts a co ...

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  • The 7 Ingredients of an Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign

    1024512 The 30-Day Social Marketing Transformation Plan Download Instagram has evolved way beyond being simply a photo sharing platform. Per the latest statistics, Instagram currently has over 800 million active monthly users. Neither marketers nor influencers are lagging behind in leveraging this huge opportunity.

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  • Social Innovator Series: Kirsten O’Brien

    25001313 In our Social Innovators series, we highlight leaders who use data and creativity to build world-class social marketing organizations. Let’s meet Kirsten O’Brien. Kirsten O’Brien Homepage Editor, Seattlepi.com Kirsten O’Brien serves as the homepage editor for Seattlepi.com, which is part of one of the world’s largest diversified communications companies, The Hearst Corp.

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  • Instagram Tips from the Experts

    1024512 Instagram is the social media sweetheart of 2017. Now that it has more than 800 million users, marketers are turning to Instagram to increase brand awareness, showcase brand personality, and create meaningful interactions with their followers from all over the globe. In fact, here is the list of Instagram’s ten most-Instagrammed cities from around the world.

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  • 6 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be on Instagram

    1024512 2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Download Question: Should your brand be on Instagram? Long story short. Yes. But don’t just take our word for it—as always, let’s look at what the data tells us. According to Pew Research Center, 32% of internet users (including 28% of all U.S. adults) now use Instagram.

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  • How to Audit Your 2017 Social Strategy

    25601440 We wanted to create a space where social marketers can dig deeper into trending topics and learn a little more each week, so we decided to host a weekly Twitter chat. Last week at #SimplyChat, we discussed what a social marketing audit is, what an audit can teach you, and which metrics you should track for an effective audit. Q1.

    Simply Measured- 19 readers -
  • 4 Steps to Engage Audiences with ABM Content

    1024512 2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Download Your marketing strategy is one of your biggest expenditure—and one of the most vital sections and mainframes of your business. Account Based Marketing, more commonly referred to as ABM, is an upcoming marketing strategy that many businesses are using more and more.

    Simply Measuredin Content- 12 readers -
  • How to Transform Your Social Marketing in 30 Days

    1024512 The 30-Day Social Marketing Transformation Plan Download As a social marketer, your task is twofold: create high-quality content that engages and provides value to your audience, while also generating business value. Let’s reinvent your social marketing so that what you share aligns with the interests of your audiences and contributes to your bottom line.

    Simply Measured- 21 readers -
  • How to Use Instagram Stories Analytics

    25601440 Instagram Stories is a recent addition to Instagram’s portfolio of content options. With Instagram Stories you can share what’s happening throughout your day via photos, Boomerangs, and videos. What makes stories different? They can only be viewed within 24 hours of posting. That’s right, that photo you snapped will disappear from your story in 24 hours.

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  • How to Optimize Tweets for More Blog Traffic

    1024512 2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Download If you use Twitter in your marketing strategy, you undoubtedly spend hours carefully crafting generous numbers of tweets for your brand. Twitter, being the fastest-paced social network, requires us to engage with our audience often throughout the entire day. Why? In the past second, 7,803 tweets were sent.

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  • 2018 Social Marketing Predictions: What the Experts Say

    1024481 2017 End of Year Social Audit Download On November 15, Simply Measured hosted our Data and Drinks event, starring a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries. The theme of the night was 2018 Predictions, and our experts shared incredible insights. Meet the Experts The experts led the night by reminiscing about 2017 and lessons learned.

    Simply Measured- 23 readers -
  • How to Audit Your Marketing Content for 2018

    1024512 Today we hosted a webinar, From Audit to Planning: Prepare for 2018. Our very own Customer Success Manager, Tazi Flory, was joined by Amy Wright of Amy Wright Content Marketing to share valuable insight into how marketers can audit their content and social efforts for a more effective 2018.

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