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  • The 10 Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

    When it comes to setting and tracking your marketing KPIs, many marketers and business owners are fully aware of the usual suspects. Sales revenue. Leads. Cost per acquisition. But there are a number of other KPIs that you should be tracking in order to execute a more successful marketing ...

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  • 11 David Bowie Quotes to Inspire Action and Innovation [Slideshare]

    10 Days into our new year we lost a visionary, a pioneer, a truly creative soul. David Bowie, born David Robert Jones, was much more than the singer-songwriter he was most highly recognized as -- he was a creative mastermind. Bowie was encouraged to follow his creative pursuits from a young age, studying music, art, and design (specifically typesetting and layout) and he did just that.

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  • How to Create Brand Recognition for Your Small Business [Infographic]

    A brand is more than just a logo. It’s a tone of voice, a feeling, a set of expectations that arise when people hear your name. It’s the values and emotions that the thought of your business evokes. A logo or color palette are simply reflections of these larger ideas - but that doesn’t make them any less important. In fact, it actually makes them even more important.

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  • 8 Tactics for Mixing Up Your Content Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

    Are you posting the same type of content over and over again? If so, your content marketing strategy will become boring and stale in no time. You’ll begin to wonder if you’re truly reaching and engaging with your audience -- and look for ways to make sure you are. Content marketing is your opportunity to do that and do something different.

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  • Check Out 11 of the Best Team Pages (And Why They'll Win You Over)

    If you won an Oscar, who would you thank in your acceptance speech? Your mom? Dad? Pet corgis, Django and Diego? All of them are definitely deserving, but when people are racing against the clock to wrap up their speeches, it always makes me happy to hear them thank the team behind the scenes. Like in Hollywood, not all jobs in business come with the fame and attention the ...

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  • 3 Simple Rules to Remember When Starting Out on Social Media

    Social media is probably one of the most misunderstood inbound marketing tactics today, but with its diverse audience and low costs, it is also one of the most invaluable. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram, social media offers a unique opportunity to meet and connect with your ideal buyers on a more personal level.

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  • 5 Ways Sophia Amoruso Took Nasty Gal from eBay to Borderline Empire

    “Maybe I can pay my rent AND stay at home,” she pondered. When this idea became a reality for Sophia Amoruso, owner and founder of Nasty Gal, she was intrigued. Having struggled with formal education and “working for the man” through her early twenties, Amoruso seized the chance to be her own boss and capitalize on her passion for vintage clothing by launching a small eBay ...

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  • 3 Personalization Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making (But Still Are)

    I’ve never been able to find my name on a license plate. -- or magnet, mug, keychain, or any other hokey travel souvenir for that matter. (Not that I’m bitter or anything…) As cheesy as these items may be, people love them and more importantly for anyone in business, they love to buy them. We as human beings are wired to respond to our names, and seeing them (excluding min ...

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