• 3 Attention-Grabbing Outreach Marketing Techniques

    Everyone is doing email outreach these days. Social networks may come and go, but email will always be a top communication channel. With this popularity comes much noise. Everyone is using email to reach people of interest. According to a study by Harris Interactive, most people struggle to manage more than 50 emails a day. In this post, I’m going to show you how to defy those odds.

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  • The Great PPC Diet: How to Correct Over-Optimization in Paid Search

    Are your pay-per-click campaigns bigger than they should be? Have they become unbalanced or lost their direction? It’s a new year, and it’s a better time than ever to cut the fat and shape them up to be the fittest PPC campaigns they can be! How Can You Over-Optimise a PPC Campaign? There are two main ways you can over-optimise a PPC campaign, which can end up doing more harm than good: Spr.

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  • The 9 Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2018

    With 2018 upon us, whether it be eating more vegetables or finally using that overpriced gym membership, you’re probably in full goal-setting mode. New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken, right? Perhaps when it comes to personal goals, but for marketing goals, now is the time to tackle your strategy with full-force.

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  • 8 Real, Data-Backed Predictions for PPC in 2018

    In the world of PPC, 2018 is going to get bonkers. Between Facebook making drastic changes to the News Feed and the “New AdWords Experience” set to become the only way to skin the cat, the rise of new ad platformsand the continuation of some of last year’s most popular trends, we’ve got a lot to look forward to (and probably some preparing to do)! To separate the most-probably ...

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  • What’s in Store for WordStream in 2018

    When I joined WordStream as President in June of 2017, I jumped in head first to what turned out to be the highest-energy environment I’ve ever worked in by far. I’m thrilled and grateful to be part of a team that’s so passionate, and I’ve been so impressed by our hundreds of smart, dedicated employees who come to the office every day with a mission to help our customers succeed.

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  • Say No to the Slump: How to Drive Post-Holiday Sales with Facebook Ads

    B2B advertisers tend to see an influx of prospects after January 1. But for many businesses—online or otherwise—the post-holiday malaise is very real. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use Facebook ads to turn the “ugh, January“ you’ve become accustomed to into the Q1 kickoff you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • RIP AdWords Review Extensions (+ What to Replace Them With)

    First 2018 came for our warmth. Then it came for the Georgia Bulldogs. Today, it set its sights on review extensions. That’s right, people: starting this month, your AdWords ads will no longer have the privilege of being accompanied by third-party reviews. And in February, your extensions (and their data) will be wiped from the UI completely.

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  • 7 Exciting Ecommerce Trends for 2018

    According to a study published by eMarketer in 2016, the ecommerce sector will experience double-digit growth until 2020, when sales are expected to exceed $4 trillion. Few industries can boast such a bright future, which makes looking forward to what’s next in the world of ecommerce all the more exciting.

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  • New, FREE Facebook Analytics Tools from WordStream

    January is a time for resolutions, self-improvement, goals…it’s daunting! Plus, the solutions can be expensive: gym memberships, financial planners, therapists... But not every path to betterment needs to cost a lot of money. Enter your friends at WordStream with a brand new simple and free way to act on your digital marketing resolutions – the Facebook Ads Grader! Introducin ...

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Placement Optimization

    Let’s face it: as a marketer, you can target almost any segment imaginable through Facebook. On top of that, the social media giant has done a fantastic job at expanding the places where your ads are shown. Over the past few years the company has invested great effort into its advertising arms race against Google, resulting in the expansion of Facebook’s advertising placements.

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  • 5 AdWords Scripts for Smarter Bidding

    To run a successful AdWords campaign, you need to master your bidding. By adjusting bids according to keyword, location, device, time of day, and audience, you can profoundly improve the relevance and performance of your AdWords advertising. AdWords has built-in tools to help with bid management, but to really excel, it’s helpful to use some additional tools to enhance your flexibility.

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