• How to Turn Your Blog Posts Into a Mobile App Experience – Using Sticky Bars

    With so much of your traffic coming from mobile, it’s essential that you craft great mobile experiences. This means going beyond simple responsive design if you’re going to use a superior mobile UX (user experience) to stand out from your competition. IMPORTANT: This is a mobile experience. Use your phone to read this post. ***Click here to show a mobile nav bar***.

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  • How to Make Money as a Food Blogger

    Do you love food and preparing it? Or do you want to start a food blog, but not sure whether it can make you money or not? Then, this article is completely dedicated to you. It’s very easy to keep your food blog unique and also explore it in a cost-effective manner. If you can follow this article you will completely know how to become successful enough in your full-time job. 7 readers -
  • How commerce publishers use their data to cozy up to retailers

    Commerce-focused publishers looking to deepen their ties with retailers and limit their dependence on Amazon are delivering more than just interested audiences these days. Using conversion data from e-commerce transactions, commerce publishers are giving retailers recommendations on everything from discounting strategies to the look of retailers’ landing pages to the prices of ...

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  • How I Break The Twitter Rules and Get 108 Million Impressions

    It was tough being different. I was not doing things as they expected. Breaking the rules. They really didn’t like it. Their comments and insults were daunting and confronting. How dare you do that that. You are doing it wrong. You are a robot. But I pressed on. Standing out and breaking conventions takes courage. Conviction. Why did I ignore the crowd? Because it worked.

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  • How Google’s RankBrain is Affecting Your SEO

    Heard about RankBrain? It’s not exactly a new SEO concept (as it was seen making waves as early as mid-2015), but it’s one that’s gaining popularity and garnering a lot of attention from S ...

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  • Entrepreneurial burnout is becoming a REAL problem (and here’s how to fix it)

    I always wanted to make an impact by sharing my ideas. That’s why I worked tirelessly to build Social Triggers. Then, I reached my goal – I built a great business. I should’ve been happy… …but instead, something weird happened: I lost my passion. A Day In The Life as an Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs are now rock stars. Just look at Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, or Richard Branson.

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  • YouTube Ranking: How to Get More Views on YouTube

    … Want to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? Wondering how to help your videos perform well with the YouTube algorithm? To explore how to get more views for your videos on YouTube, I interview Sean Cannell. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media [...] This post first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle …

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  • How Reuters is expanding its consumer business

    Reuters is experimenting with how it presents news on its site as it continues to expand and evolve its consumer news brand. The news giant, which has 250 staffers dedicated to consumer publishing globally, wants to modernize how it presents content on all 17 of its editions. So far, that has involved reorganizing thousands of articles into new topic channels such as The Futur ...

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  • 7 UX Mistakes Every Designer Unknowingly Commits (And How To Fix Them)

    The door outside my office reads: PUSH. Guess what? That’s the handiwork of our HR team. (Thanks, HR team.) The special signage has come to my rescue and to the rescue of office mates so many times. Otherwise, by now we would’ve ripped apart the carpet below, through our mindless pulling and pushing. Initially, I u ...

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  • Eyes-free Virtual Assistant: How Google Ranks For Voice Search

    Good gravy - does anyone else feel like the moment you get settled on a strategy/platform/tactic that everything changes? On one hand, it's one of the things I love most about marketing -- it's constantly evolving. On the other -- slow your roll! Unfortunately, there will be no slowing of the roll anytime soon and from technical SEO to video, to user-generated content, we HAV ...

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