• 6 Rules for Crafting Email Content That Connects

    … When it comes to email marketing content, engagement is everything. Your content must instantly connect with audiences, sustain that connection, and leave readers wanting to hear more from you. Following the six “rules” below will help you craft content that does just that. Make it useful The most important way to ensure your success…

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  • 4 Elements of Great Storytelling, Backed by Neuroscience

    … to Stephen King. Check out the short video below to learn more about these four pillars and how they can make you a better storyteller. You can pre-order the book here. And if you’d like to subscribe to our free email course on becoming a better storyteller, sign up here! The post 4 Elements of Great Storytelling, Backed by Neuroscience appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • Introducing ‘The Storytelling Edge’

    … Contently has a book coming out! You can order it here. And if you’d like to subscribe to our free email course on becoming a more powerful storyteller, you can sign up here! A little while ago, my mother sent me an email with the subject line, “The Youngest Storyteller.” There was a picture of a three-year-old kid holding a big microphone…

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  • 2017: The Year That Changed Everything in Online Video

    It's Nerf bow and arrow time! Special thanks to Nerf for sponsoring this video! ► Click HERE to get your own Dude Perfect Nerf Bow! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! ► Click HERE to watch our most recent videos! http://bit.

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  • Why Every Salesperson Must Be a Master Storyteller

    … Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. It started way back in high school when I was the editor of the school paper. I even had a couple stints at a local Polish American newspaper and WIVB-TV in Buffalo, New York, before I graduated. These internships made me realize just how much I loved finding, writing, and telling stories. So…

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  • 7 Inspiring Podcasts on Work, Leadership, & Life for Your Thanksgiving Travels

    … about 10 years ago. But that doesn't mean I want to leave you brave Turkey Day Road Warriors without inspiration as you chart your own journey home toward family, friends, loved ones, and tryptophan. To help you on your way, here are nine addictive podcast episodes across a wide range of topics: productivity, storytelling, leadership, UX, when life falls apart, time management, and everything in between. …

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  • How to structure a better brand story

    … Do you know the essential element required for brand storytelling? Here’s a hint – it’s something novelists don’t have to worry about. Too often marketers miss a trick when preparing case studies, articles, media releases and blog posts about their company. If you’re producing content as part of your overall marketing strategy, here’s what you…

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  • Why You Need to Utilize Brand-Driven Storytelling

    … that an increasing number of brands have placed greater emphasis on developing. “A good story makes you feel something and is universal,” explains Mark Truby, Ford Europe’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs. “They want to grasp your values and your commitment to excellence; be inspired and intrigued. Storytelling is the most powerful way…

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  • Brand Journalism: How to write a good lede

    … the ‘inverted pyramid’ work for brand journalism? Of course it does. If you’re doing brand journalism properly then you’re not writing to sell anything, you’re writing to give your audience valuable and relevant information. If you’re trying to shoehorn a sales message into your copy, then you’re doing content marketing all wrong. At that point…

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  • How to Use Storytelling to Build a Sales Funnel

    … Sales funnels don’t have to be complicated, but you should take them seriously. Using storytelling to build a sales funnel can help your brand get noticed in a way that traditional, boring funnels don’t allow. This article will show you why you should use storytelling not only in your branding but also in your sales funnels. By doing so, you…

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