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  • How to Set Up 3-Point Lighting for Your Live Videos

    … We’ve been doing some Facebook Live videos for our client utilizing Switcher Studio and absolutely loving the multi-video streaming platform. One area that I wanted to improve on was our lighting, though. I’m a bit of a video newbie when it comes to these strategies, so I’ll continue to update these notes based on feedback and testing. I’m…

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  • Not Every Content Strategy Needs a Story

    … Stories are everywhere and I’m sick of it. Every social media app is trying to throw them in my face, every website is trying to lure me to their clickbait story, and now every brand wants to emotionally connect with me online. Please make it stop. Reasons Why I’m Growing Weary of Stories: Most people are terrible at telling stories. Most…

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  • How the New Media Rebellion in Video is Reshaping the Publishing World

    … for this online publication since July 2011. And until this one, only three of my earlier posts reviewed a book: So, why should video marketers, content creators, publishers, brands, and entrepreneurs spend their incredibly valuable time reading Streampunks? Well, here are the four useful tips, three key trends, two killer stats, five vision things…

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  • 5 Awesome Tools for YouTube Marketers

    With over one billion users currently on YouTube, there’s no denying that whoever forms your audience is most likely on that platform. YouTube marketers are no doubt familiar with this fact. But perhaps even more relevant is that research shows people spend one-third of all their online activity watching videos.

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  • Why Big Brands Need Sponsored Video Not Christmas TV Ads

    … In Great Britain, major brands in the retail space have created the relatively recent tradition of launching an official Christmas ad or advert in early November. Why? Well, the Brits don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, like the Yanks do. So, they can get a head start on driving shoppers into stores weeks before their American…

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  • 7 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Video

    … conversion. MicroCreatives MicroCreatives, a full-service off-shore creative design agency, produced this insightful infographic – 7 Ways to Create A Killer Marketing Video – that should help any company or creative kick-off their first video project. The infographic walks you through the steps necessary to develop your next video project. Here…

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  • Report: What Marketers Need to Know About the ‘State of Video Marketing’

    … These days, there’s little doubt among marketers that video content is an incredibly powerful content marketing tool. After all, humans are visual creatures by nature, so it stands to reason that video often satisfies our content appetite. In fact, according to a Think With Google study, 50% of internet users said they’ve looked for videos…

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  • The Huge Statistics of Sports on Social Media

    … If there’s one thing we could learn from the current online firestorm with the NFL, the media, and sports fans, it’s the impact of social media on the sports industry. Nielsen reports that through the first six weeks of the NFL season, viewership of games is down 7.5% year over year. I have little doubt that this is largely due to the reactions…

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