• How to Play Into Your Customer’s Need for ‘I Want It Right Now’

    Although eCommerce receives most of the limelight, 91.6% of U.S. sales still take place offline. With all the benefits of buying online — lower cost, wider choice, no need to put on pants — how come retail stores are still a thing? According to a study by Ripen Ecommerce, 30.8% is explained by people wanting to be a ...

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  • The Death of My Father Saved Me

    June 27, 2017 will be the fifteenth anniversary of the day my father passed away. He was 61. I have vivid memories of Sundays as a kid. My dad would be jovial in the morning, but by dinner time, there would be a sadness to him. I noticed it, but didn’t understand it until years later when he told me how much he didn’t like his work.

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  • How to Fill Seats in Your Restaurant With Email Marketing

    It takes more than just superb food and an enticing ambiance to get customers into your restaurant. When competing with established eateries and well-funded restaurant chains, you need to directly engage with past and potential patrons to stand a chance. Many restaurants have found success through email marketing, allowing them to keep their places packed even during the offseason.

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  • User Testing the SERPs: How Do Your Customers Really Search?

    How do you know what your customers are searching for online? Most SEOs scream: MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUME Don’t worry, it isn’t their fault; even Google thinks SEO research is synonymous with Keyword research (The top 10 results for “SEO Research” are all about keyword research). The correct answer is: Ask your users! Historically, SEO recommendations are full of assumptions ba ...

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  • How to See Who Viewed Your Snapchat Posts

    With most other social media platforms, there are tools and analytics in place so that you can track the performance of your posts. You can see how many “likes” your Facebook post received, how many “retweets” your Twitter post received, and how many times your YouTube video was viewed. These are quantitative measures of your social media marketing.

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  • Campaign Monitor VS MailChimp: How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Platform

    Streamlining is the name of the game for small business owners. So many tasks make up their daily to-do lists. As a result, entrepreneurs depend on resources that can educate them and deliver solutions addressing inefficiencies. One of the biggest dilemmas business owners face is connecting with subscribers. Doing so can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive.

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