• I work in advertising, but I still block ads

      Barry Lowenthal is president of The Media Kitchen. I hardly watch regular TV these days. But when I do, it’s usually recorded using my DVR so I can skip the commercials. Even when I want to watch the Oscars or the Superbowl, I’ll watch it on a 15-minute delay so I can skip the ads. It’s just a better experience. Since half of America has DVRs, most people watch the way I watch.

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    • Content Marketing Platform NewsCred Announces $42M Funding Round

      NewsCred, a content marketing platform headquartered in New York City, has announced a $42 million funding round. Investors include FTV Capital, FirstMark Capital, InterWest Partners and Mayfield Fund. NewsCred has now raised nearly $90 million total. In today’s announcement, CEO Shafqat Islam says the cash will be used “to aggressively scale our global operations as we serv ...

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  • Email Benchmarks 2Q15: Engagement Is Higher Than Ever

    Despite increased email volume, consumers are opening and engaging with emails more than ever before, according to a recent report from Yesmail. The report was based on 2Q15 Yesmail data for marketing campaigns sent by brands in a wide-range of industries. Email volume for subscribers increased 11% year-over-year between 2Q14 and 2Q15, the analysis found.

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  • [Webinar] How Amazon Does Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Even though we’re barely into September, for the past two weeks, everyone’s been buzzing about Holiday 2015. We have too: last week we released this infographic as the first part in our holiday content series. While lingering on the past for too long can be counterproductive, it’s certainly helpful to look back on 2014 to see what worked, what didn’t, who dominated the compe ...

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  • The Transformative Effect of a Well-Built Brand Statement

    I spent this past weekend among a group of smart writers at Jeff Goins’s first Tribe Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeff asked me to speak about content marketing (one of my favorite topics). But I was an attendee as well. Jeff populated the conference with lots of excellent speakers, some of whom I’d never heard speak before.

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  • Our 10 Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks Ever

    Landing page optimization is one of the best ways to increase the performance of your PPC campaigns and maximize your ROI. Over the course of the past few years, WordStream has offered dozens of landing page tips and tricks to improve your campaigns – but which ones are our favorites, and which consistently prove to be the most effective? In this post, we’ll be revisiting som ...

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  • 3 URL Tweaks to Get More out of the Google Search Console UI

    3 URL Tweaks to Get More out of the Google Search Console UI posted by Ryan Ottino | September 2, 2015 | leave a comment Google’s recently introduced Search Console (replacing Webmaster Tools) has plenty of benefits (device, query, and country filters) over its predecessor, but it is not without its own limitations Webmasters, SEOs, and marketers are still limited to 90 days’ worth of data.

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  • Yoast Academy presents: Basic SEO Training

    We are very excited to announce a brand new Yoast product. As of October 12, 2015 Yoast will start offering complete online SEO courses! Following such a training will teach you all about SEO and website optimization. We are currently finalizing our first training which is called Basic SEO. For now, we are thrilled to show you our first video, in which Joost announces our Basi ...

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  • Captivate New Readers: Make Them Browse Your Site

    Captivate New Readers: Make Them Browse Your Site 1. Link To Relevant Content A large percentage of your first time readers will arrive on your blog via an organic search, which means they’re looking for information. Since you can’t possibly answer every single question they’ll have in just one blog post, and since one question often leads to another, it makes sense then to ...

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  • How Startups Can Leverage the Power of Outsourced Labor

    One of the most difficult things about starting a business is creating a reliable employee base while still having enough money to put into business operations. Instead of spending too much overhead money in your new company by trying to establish a workforce of full-time employees, consider using freelance workers, a practice which is becoming more and more common.

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  • The Click is a Lie: Lessons from The Interruption Curve

    We all track performance of our digital campaigns. In fact, we’re swimming in tracking data telling us about clicks, conversions, channel performance and more. This is how we do marketing in the 21st century. The problem is that our data is lying to us. It’s a lie of omission, and it’s not the fault of the tracking tools we use.

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  • Bing Ads Android App Debuts: A Test Drive

    Bing Ads’ Android app, hinted about last month, is now available in the Google play store, which means Bing has beat Google Adwords at bringing out apps for both major mobile operating systems (not that anyone’s keeping score). Bing Ads launched its iOS app in April; Google’s Android app for AdWords came out in March.

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