• HostGator Affiliate Dinner at Tao New York #ASE15

      Affiliate Summit East 2015 started today in New York city. The twice yearly event brings the biggest affiliate marketers and networks together for three days of networking, learning, and business building. I have been attending Affiliate Summits since this blog started. The show has been a huge part of the success of the blog. I have met many friends and business partners at Affiliate Summit.

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    • A (Long Overdue) Theme Change & New Logo for SEOno

      Over the weekend I finally got round to implementing a new WordPress theme on SEOno. The last time I did so was nearly three years ago (October 2012) and while the previous theme – SmartOne – had been an absolute pleasure to use over the years, it was starting to look and feel a little dated, so inevitably I felt that it was time for a change… I’ve always liked the idea of ...

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    • 5 Content Marketing Trends That Should Not Be Ignored

      Recent statistics show that as much as 93 percent of B2B companies use content marketing to establish their brand and create demand. In actuality, B2B marketers that blog generate 67 percent more leads than marketers that don’t. At the same time, content marketing is expected to be the most commercially important digital marketing trend, according to Smart Insights.

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  • 11 Things You Should Have To Market Your Brand

    A business activity may be very efficient and bestowed with immense profit making possibilities but in this era of showbiz, it becomes imperative to showcase and eventually drill a solid place in the consumers’ and investors’ minds. These are the two stakeholders who largely define the success or failure of an enterprise.

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  • Inside DraftKings’ reign: Online sports meets offline experiences

    In June, 12 people headed to Boston for three days: They watched a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, then retired next door to a bar, where they themselves competed for a grand prize for $150,000. The only thing was, they weren’t physically playing an actual sport. The 12 were competing in a real-time fantasy sports competition to become “King of Boston” in an event organized by da ...

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  • From The New York Times to Quartz, which publisher is king of the visual web?

    Millennials don’t read, they scan. A generation of readers is caught in a perpetual scroll, so it’s no surprise that publishers that aim to capture that coveted demographic are leaning toward images to catch (if not hold) their attention. “You’re not reading every article, you’re reading across articles,” said Kyle Outlaw, group experience director and UX expert at Razorfish.

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  • How Yahoo and AOL measure up in live video news

    Yahoo and AOL are battling it out for supremacy in a key digital media category. No, this is a time capsule from 2002 that was just opened. In the world of live video news, the two portals-turned-digital-media companies have poured millions into cracking the code on delivering live video news programming.

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  • Epsilon has the biggest agency you might not know

    Last month, the smoking-cessation gum Nicorette rolled out a campaign that focused on the reasons people quit smoking. The campaign used celebrities like ballroom dancer Shirley Ballas in long-form films that detailed their quitting journeys. John Immesoete, chief creative officer at Epsilon, gives this as an example of “data-driven creative,” since for years, smoking campaign ...

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  • How Walmart.com differentiates from Amazon

    Even for a $260 billion commerce giant like Walmart, Amazon is a foe best not approached head-on. Instead, Walmart has crafted an e-commerce strategy that’s decidedly un-Amazon: Walmart isn’t hung up on people buying things online. Instead, Walmart is flexing a resource that Amazon lacks: 11,000 global storefronts that can serve as online order pick up locations and shipping fulfillment centers.

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  • Watch the Digiday Content Marketing Summit today

    Digiday will provide a live video stream of Day 1 of the Digiday Content Marketing Summit today from 1pm ET to 2:30pm ET. The three-day event, held in Half Moon Bay, California, brings together top brands, agencies and publishers around the pressing issues involved in the creation, dissemination and measurement of content marketing.

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  • 10 Great Non-Profits Making a Difference in the Tech Sector

    Technology has made volunteering or giving a monetary donation to our favorite non-profit organization as convenient as possible. As technology continues to advance at an increasingly speedy rate, we can expect to see more opportunities for non-profits to reach donors and the people they help. For example, mobile devices will help non-profits engage with supporters and more ...

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  • IMPACT ICYMI: Inbound Marketing Trends (August 2nd, 2015)

    Hope you're enjoying National Ice Cream Sandwich Day everyone! This week, Beijing was selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics (making them the first to host both winter and summer games), Microsoft users finally got the Twitter app they've been waiting for with Windows 10, and the cult-favorite spinning class, SoulCycle, filed for an IPO.

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  • Day One: Tracking My Media Consumption Diet (#MyMediaDiary)

    0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 0 Pin It Share 0 StumbleUpon 0 0 Flares × How would a media agency profile me? I haven’t done a lot of blogging lately. I’ve been in a bit of a learning rut and, as a result, haven’t had a truck load of post ideas that I thought were genuinely interesting.

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  • Show us the pictures

    There’s an increasing gulf between the privacy of individuals and that of corporations and monopolies. An individual is almost certainly going be videotaped every time he leaves home. You will be caught on camera in the store, at the airport and on the street. Your calls to various organizations will also be recorded “for quality purposes.

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  • A Bedtime Story – (Product Review Discussion)

    This is a "bedtime story" -all about my new bed, and why it's SO awesome. I also want to share the entire process of this "product review" - to give you some creative ideas for your own reviews... First, check out Nodical Bed. If you're shopping for a new mattress, and you want the BEST one on the market, be sure to use our exclusive coupon code: VIP100 to save $100.

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