• Microsoft is putting Reddit comments in Bing search results

    Reddit announced a partnership with Microsoft on two separate product integrations that will see more Reddit content in the search engine’s results. The Bing integration will focus on efficiently surfacing service-y content like Reddit users’ answers to questions, as well as celebrity content from its Ask Me Anything series.

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  • Going fishing for a corporate video producer? Read this

    There’s something really important you should know about working with a producer on a corporate video. Producers, and people who create video content, are like fishermen: there are two kinds. The first is the “throw the line in anywhere” type. The second group are the “strategic hunters”. I know this about fishermen because, when I was a kid, my Dad often roped me into his fishing expeditions.

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  • 50 More Business Jargon Fixes for Bloggers and Content Writers

    Have you ever turned up to a corporate event, read a PR release or a blog post and the cliched communication made you wince? Creating clear conversational writing and content sometimes means that old habits need to be unlearned! So here’s another batch of business jargon, along with suggestions for how to replace these overused, confusing, vague, pretentious and/or misleading terms.

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