• Affiliate Summit West 2015 – Quick Recap

      Early January saw to one of the largest conferences in the word for Affiliate Marketing, based in Las Vegas Nevada, the city of sin — the city of shame and regret. My liver has survived yet another Affiliate Summit! Woohoo! Every year that I attend these summits, they’re more and more productive, I network with more intention and confidence – I now know what I want.

      Fit Affiliatein Affiliate- 5 readers -
    • Report: Snapchat Discovery Will Launch Tuesday

      Snapchat’s move beyond messaging will shift into another gear Tuesday with the launch of Snapchat Discovery, the New York Post and Re/code reported this evening. With Discovery, in the works for much of 2014, Snapchat aims to turn itself into a platform for content, much of it provided by publisher partners such as ESPN, CNN, Vice and Warner Music.

      Martin Beck/ Marketing Landin Social- 5 readers -
  • Your mood vs. your reality

    Who is happy? Are rock stars, billionaires or recently-funded entrepreneurs happier? What about teenagers with clear skin? Either what happens changes our mood... or our mood changes the way we narrate what happens. This goes beyond happiness economics and the understanding that a certain baseline of health and success is needed for many people to be happy.

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 3 readers -
  • The Ultimate Guide To Using Triberr For Traffic

    Last year I created a Triberr account for the first time. Now I have a reach of over 29 million, one of the largest in the entire Triberr network. The beautiful thing is I have done it with minimal effort and a tiny Twitter following. Here is my profile. In this post I will show you how anyone (yes anyone) can create a large Triberr following with the right strategy.

    Basic Blog Tips- 1 readers -
  • 4 Marketing Tactics Brands Should be Using on Instagram

    Visual marketing is one of those buzz terms that’s being thrown around a lot at the moment and its thanks in large parts to platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest which have seen phenomenal growth throughout 2014 and this looks set to continue in 2015. Research from Forrester in 2014 showed that on average brands on Instagram have a 4.

    Laura Crimmons/ State of Digitalin Social- 2 readers -
  • A Roundup of Solar Incentives for North Carolina Residents

    RGR Marketing HIgh Quality B2B Leads Online Going Solar in North Carolina Homes and Buildings When you think of solar power, states like Arizona, California, and Nevada probably spring to mind. After all, the ample sunshine in these states makes them prime locations for going solar. However, it may surprise you to learn that North Carolina is among the top ten states for solar energy.

    Matty Byloos/ RGR Marketing- 3 readers -
  • 7 Must-Read Articles to Supercharge Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

    Image by Tom Fishburne. Despite the fact that our lives revolve around our smartphones, the word on the street – at least according to one recent report – is that most companies are lacking a formal mobile strategy (to the tune of 84%). There are a few reasons for this trend. For starters, it takes serious planning to get a mobile marketing campaign off the ground.

    Ritika Puri/ Unbouncein Mobile EMail- 5 readers -
  • ‘Hiding a turd': A look inside the murky world of agency trading desks

    The rise of the programmatic ad buying was coupled with the emergence of agency trading desk models. There has been movement away from the original conception of trading desks, as clients and others have complained about a lack of transparency. Having recently left the U.K. agency world, one media executive had an inside view of agencies as they developed their trading desk mo ...

    Chris Smith/ Digiday- 4 readers -
  • WTF is ‘data leakage’?

    When Google decided it would stop letting data-management platforms fire pixels on its ad network, it claimed that its motivation was to bring an end to “data leakage.” Which raises the question: What is data leakage, anyway? Below is a primer — explained as plainly as possible — on what data leakage is and why it’s a pressing issue.

    John Mcdermott/ Digiday- 5 readers -
  • Editors react: Condé Nast enlists its journalists to create ads

    Condé Nast, publisher of famous glossies like Vogue and GQ, said it would use its editorial staff to write the ad copy as part of the creation of a new branded content arm, inciting a predictably visceral reaction from journalistic corners. Media critic Jack Shafer said Condé Nast is endangering its brand.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 4 readers -
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