• 2016: Manual Link Building & SEO

      We’re edging ever closer to 2016, and already prediction posts are publishing. Recently, hoopla around manual link building arose when a 2016-focused post predicted its demise. My fellow columnist Eric Ward shared his thoughts on why manual link building will never be obsolete. I suggest you read his post — he’s experienced, insightful and basically the godfather of link building.

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    • 3 Google Patents You Need To Know About In 2016

      It’s frustrating, isn’t it? When Google suddenly changes something, and you had no idea it was going to happen. That’s where all the awkward conversations with your clients begin. And you have to try to figure out how you’re going to explain another change in strategy. Now, while there may not be any way to become fully future-proof against Google changes (after all, they p ...

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  • Why Good Infographics Are More Than Just Pictures and Numbers

    When I was a senior in college, I thought it would be fun to take a painting class. Before that, I hadn’t painted anything since I was 12, at a birthday party at one of those art studios where you have to wait a month before you can get your work back. Despite my inexperience, I thought the class would be a breeze.

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  • Who Are the Social Stars of the NFL Season? (Infographic)

    While it has been established that the undefeated New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are, so far, the class of the NFL on the field, let’s take a look at which NFL teams are performing well on social media. Sprinklr took a look at the social performance of NFL teams through week 10, finding that the Green Bay Packers have been the most suc ...

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  • Disappearing Act: Twitter Pulls Share Counts From Tweet Buttons

    One of Twitter’s social proofs has gone poof. On Friday, Twitter stopped displaying share counts on its tweet buttons, officially pulling the plug on one of the ways publishers signal the popularity of their content. Twitter had announced the move in October, saying that it needed to make the change to consolidate and simplify its platform and that the API endpoint used to s ...

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  • Holiday Marketeer: Cyber Monday SEM Checklist

    Welcome to the Holiday Marketeer blog series in which Boost Media serves up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy. In this installment, we share our Cyber Monday SEM Checklist. It’s time to prepare for Cyber Monday! To help get you through the rush and still have time to enjoy your holiday weekend, we’ve compiled a Cyber Monday SEM checklist, prioritized ...

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  • How I Planned My Social Media Holiday Campaign

    The Starbuck’s red cups are out, the twinkly lights are up, and your grandparent’s flight just touched down…The holiday season is upon us. 2015 Holiday Planning Guide for Social Marketers Download For most people, the holidays are a lovely season of cheer! However, for many community and social media managers, the holidays are a season of stress.

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  • 5 Retail Trends for 2015 Every Marketer Should Know

    Two-thirds of consumers now shop across devices, making multi-touch attribution and omnichannel marketing key to every retail marketers’ strategy. There’s no longer a distinct line between online digital marketing and offline sales. Consumers are now regularly webrooming – shopping online and picking up at a local retail outlet – and showrooming – perusing the local store and ...

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  • SimCity BuildIt Receives London Town Update

    EA Mobile has announced the release of the latest content update in SimCity BuildIt on mobile devices, which introduces London Town to players. The London Town update is similar to the Paris Town update, and allows players to complete new London deliveries at their airport by loading cargo planes with the required objects.

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  • Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Any Company

    With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, a lot of us are thinking about what and who we are thankful for in our lives. Don’t let your clients and customers be forgotten on that list. Here are a few marketing tactics you can use this week to show the ones who keep you in business just how much you appreciate them! Feature Your Customers Online People love being recognized, so show ...

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  • #SmallBizSat Squeezed Out on Twitter by Black Friday, Cyber Monday

    Some of the biggest shopping days in the American market are coming up soon, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers discuss deals on Twitter. However, the conversation on Twitter around Small Business Saturday has been minimal compared to those two. Brandwatch tracked the Twitter mentions around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday over the past two weeks.

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  • App Developers To Europe: Don’t Hurt Google’s Ability To “Improve” Android

    A group of roughly 140 Android developers under the coordination of an organization called the Application Developers Alliance is appealing to the European Commission not to take any action that could diminish Google’s control over the OS and contribute to Android fragmentation. The Commission is currently investigating whether Google has violated antitrust rules with its management of Android.

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