• It's Now Easier than Ever to Find the Right Google Partner

    Three years ago we launched Google Partners to help businesses connect with online professionals and agencies. Top Partners began earning their Google Partner badge by demonstrating their business was healthy, their clients were happy, and they were up to date with the latest product knowledge. Since then, we received a number of requests from our Partners asking for a way to ...

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  • Standing on the garden wall… what does the marketer see?

    By Ed See, Principal, Digital Marketing & Customer Analytics, Deloitte and Matt Jennings, Manager, Customer & Marketing Strategy, Deloitte As the power of Facebook and Google grow in our digital ecosystem, clients are struggling to balance access to their scale, with the desire to have more control over their own data.

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  • Day in the Life: Yahoo Finance editor Andy Serwer talks Brexit, working at Yahoo

    Serwer. (Photo: Yahoo) Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Adam Serwer admits that, yes, working there has its challenges. “At Yahoo, there’s a lot of stuff going on,” he told Digiday, in reference to the near daily stories of layoffs, shuttering of content verticals and its hazy future. “Bu we tend to block that out and focus on the work we’re doing.

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  • Shine’s Roi Carthy: The most hated man in publishing

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the second issue, which focuses on the current state of programmatic advertising — and how to fix ad tech. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit pulse.digiday.com.

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  • Agencies are afflicted with the busyness disease

    If you work at an agency, you’re pretty much 100 percent guaranteed to experience a variation of the following conversation in the next few months: “How’s it going?” “Busy.” “Well, a good problem to have.” What you’re experiencing is a symptom of an affliction that plagues agencies across the boards: a “busy trap” mentality that prizes busywork over real productivity.

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  • The e-commerce winners and losers in the wake of Brexit

    This story first appeared on Glossy, Digiday’s new site devoted to fashion, luxury and technology Britain’s decision to leave the EU, following a 52 percent majority vote in Thursday’s referendum, continues to rock the markets. After a brief respite, today retailers like M&S and Travis Perkins saw their shares fall more than 10 percent. Meanwhile, the pound plummeted to a 31-year low.

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  • What the BBC has learned from its virtual reality efforts

    For about a year, the BBC has been experimenting with virtual reality and its more accessible cousin, 360-degree video. Zillah Watson, editor of BBC research and development lab, has called this a period of “rapid prototyping” to figure out how to crack storytelling and distribution while the market is still young and relatively scattered.

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  • VidCon confessional: How real people feel about live video

    Adam Winer is the Senior Director of Video Strategy at Condé Nast Entertainment Thanks to the current push from Facebook, live video has become the latest media company obsession. Publishers are scurrying to broadcast a slew of discussions, demonstrations and the occasional produce implosion. But what do viewers actually want to watch live? How are they watching it? And why? ...

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  • Inside The Economist’s in-app attention-based ad sales

    The Economist has made its position clear: attention-based ad sales are the future. Now it’s expanding this way of selling to more of its real estate, namely its daily Espresso app. That means in the coming months advertisers will be able to buy guaranteed time-based ad sponsorships on the daily app, as well as the weekly apps, where 90 percent of ad slots are already sold bas ...

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  • The Huffington Post hacks a Snapchat button to drive followers from its website

    The Huffington Post has a new Snapchat button on its website, something of an oddity that gives online visitors semi-easy access to content on the messaging app. What’s unique about the button is that there is a “follow us on” widget for almost every platform, except Snapchat. Every major publisher has quick links on their sites that promote the major social media platforms: F ...

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  • 3 Important Things Every Inbound Marketer Needs to Know About Evergreen Content

    Every site that wants people to view their content, utilize their services, or buy their products needs marketing of some kind. Otherwise, how will people ever know you have something to offer? The word mostly evokes thoughts of advertising like banner ads, email lists, or even telemarketer calls. Unfortunately, people are mostly numb to overt advertisement these days.

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  • 4 Less Talked About SEO Mistakes Everyone Ignores, But Shouldn’t

    Every day, millions of people search the internet on just about anything and everything. They are almost certain that they will find what they are looking for. The only way you can ensure that these consumers find you is to optimise your website. SEO guidelines are dynamic and this will leave you in the dark on where you are getting it all wrong.

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