• Dot Com Lunch – Giving Away The Keys To My Tesla

      Normally, the Dot Com Lunch is held at the patio of Pho Ba Co. However, The OC is in the middle of a heatwave and that forced us to have lunch inside the restaurant. We had six people RVSPed for today’s lunch. However, over twenty showed up. I believe we’re the only meetup where we get more attendees than RSVPs. While we like to see a full house every week, it would be nice ...

      John Chow/ John Chow dot Com- 13 readers -
  • What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #6 with Uttoran Sen

    Continuing our series from what was started here: What’s Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1, we will be featuring Blogger Uttoran Sen today. Please also see the previous features: What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #5 with Roxana Nasoi What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #4 with Gail Gardner What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #3 with David Leonhardt What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #2 with Ileane Sm ...

    Deborah Anderson/ Famous Bloggersin Blogging- 8 readers -
  • Facebook Live Rolls Out Audience Targeting: This Week in Social Media

    Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Facebook Adds Audience Restrictions to Facebook Live: Facebook rolled out “the ability to target live videos to only stream to certain ages, genders, languages or locations of viewers” ...

    Social Media Examinerin Social- 8 readers -
  • Managing the gap

    There's a space between where you are now and where you want to be, ought to be, are capable of being. A gap between your reality and your possibility. Imagine that space as a gulf or a chasm and you'll become paralyzed, stuck in the current situation. And refuse to see it at all and you'll merely be self-sati ...

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 5 readers -
  • June Update for Niche Site Project 3

    Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? This update is a little late, but I’m happy to publish the June report for Niche Site Project 3 at least before July is over. As you may recall, last month was really the first time I started these “monthly” updates.

    Spencer Haws/ Niche Pursuitsin Income Reports- 8 readers -
  • The Amazing Benefits of Enterprise Solutions

    Businesses looking to gain a digital advantage and to drive their profits through the roof can’t do so without the right enterprise software. Although there are some businesses who are still managing to stay in the game, it only makes sense financially for them to join the digital revolution at some point.

    Blogtrepreneur- 23 readers -
  • 3 Signs Your Hotel Website Isn’t Converting and How to Fix It

    Once you’ve launched your hotel website, it’s important to track and measure its success along the way. The best way to determine the success of your website is to ask yourself if your online visitors are actually converting into bookers. Are people engaged on your site and finding what they need to decide whether to book with your hotel or the hotel across the street? To get a ...

    Melody Ciria/ E-Marketing Associates- 7 readers -
  • 8 Amazing Tools for Pinterest Every Online Marketer Should Use

    One of the major mistake online marketers do is the fact that they neglect an important part of their business: setting everything they can on auto-pilot mode. You see, when it comes to making money, time is the most important aspect of the equation. If you focus your time and attention towards making things work by themselves, you’re saving a huge amount of time, which can be ...

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