• 37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #15 – Resolution Display

      Welcome to part 15 of my user engagement series. Today, we’ll be discussing another important element of web design based around display. The way your website is displayed to users is very important because if they can’t see your site, they simply won’t interact with it. Many times, I’ve been to websites where I can’t see the whole layout or I have to scroll to see the differen ...

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    • Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

      More often than not, I’m hearing more and more companies speak about social media as if it were just another broadcast medium. Social media is much more than that. Social media can be analyzed for intelligence, monitored for feedback and opportunities, used to communicate with prospects and customers, used to target and promote your brand to relevant audiences, and leveraged t ...

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    • How To Design And Sell T-shirts Online Without Investment

      Design and sell t-shirts online is funny, attracting and lucrative. It is a viable online home business. And you can start a t-shirt business without investment TODAY! Sure! It is a rare opportunity for you to start an online business fast from scratch. It is up to you to take it or not. However, I will teach you how to do it and it is free.

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  • 4 Ways You’re Using UTM Tags Wrong

    The only way for us marketers to run more successful campaigns is to track what works and what doesn’t. Without proper tracking in place, we’re basically driving with our hands over our eyes, hoping it’ll all work out. Yeah, not the brightest idea. Image source. One of the ways that marketers track the success of their campaigns is with UTM tags, which allow you to append a ...

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  • How to Build a Working Relationship With Your Local Media

    Journalists are surprisingly easy to please. So why is building a working relationship with local media such a terrifying prospect for so many people? Perhaps some people have been burned by the “gutter press”. Perhaps others have been on the receiving end of waspish response to a poorly constructed pitch.

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  • Why TV networks are now ‘sampling’ shows on Facebook

    To date, the battle between YouTube and Facebook has centered on winning the hearts and minds of advertisers, online video publishers and creators. If the last few weeks are any indication, there’s another category of content creator YouTube should be concerned about losing some of its value to: TV networks.

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  • State of the Industry report: Programmatic’s taking over branding, too

    The state of the programmatic industry is strong. Programmatic use among marketers is growing, and their increased focus on programmatic branding illustrates further acceptance of programmatic technology as a tool for achieving their campaign goals. The findings throughout this report show that programmatic has come far beyond the fringe when it comes to the world of adverti ...

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  • Google to Map the Quality of Roads?

    We’ve all read about Google working to build self-driving cars, and I’ve written about Google building Google Maps programs to help people navigate to different places. A Google patent application published this week takes a closer look at computers in cars, and the many sensors that are connected to those, and it discusses how automotive computing systems that include such ...

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  • Inside the DXAgency: A renovated schoolhouse that feels more like a home

    DXAgency looks less like an agency and more like a place you’d want to live. It might be a stone’s throw away from Manhattan’s busy streets, but it is a world apart. The agency lies on the banks of the Hudson, perched on a hill in Edgewater, New Jersey — housed in a 100-year-old schoolhouse-turned-office that still retains several of its old features.

    Tanya Dua/ Digiday- 3 readers -
  • Jessica Davies joins Digiday as UK editor

    Digiday is pleased to welcome Jessica Davies as our new London-based UK editor, charged with building the Digiday brand in that market and across Europe. Jess comes to us after four years at The Drum, where she was a senior reporter and most recently news editor. She helped establish The Drum as a leader in the coverage of media and marketing.

    Brian Morrissey/ Digiday- 4 readers -
  • Best Design Contest Marketplace for 2015: 99Designs or DesignCrowd?

    Getting design work done for my projects has always been a huge hassle for me. I’m more of a DIY person and I will often use my limited Photoshop skills to put something together. However, there are times when you need something better. When you need a design for your next logo or website that looks slick and professional. Getting quality design work done can be really expensive.

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  • Are You Neglecting These Channels? - Inbound Marketing Highlights

    Hi, I'm Roman; and this is Mike. Welcome, fellow inbounder. We hope you're enjoying your 4th of July weekend! Here are this week's inbound marketing highlights hand-crafted just for you, straight from our HubSpot oven. 5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Getting Harder and More Important - Everyone is starting to ‘get’ content marketing.

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