• The only marketing prediction you need for 2017

    I’m honored to have been invited to become a regular contributor to Ad Age, the world’s oldest (since 1930!) and largest publication in the field advertising and marketing. The publisher has agreed to let me repost my articles here on chiefmartec.com as well. Late October to early February is prediction season in the marketing world.

    Scott Brinker/ Chief Marketing Technologist- 5 readers -
  • Long-term strategy: Don't be a jerk

    In the moment, when you have power, no matter how momentarily, how will you choose to act? Jerk comes from the idea of pulling hard on the reins, suddenly and without care. Horses don't like it and neither, it turns out, do people. More than just about anything else, what you do when you have the chance is what people say about you and remember about you.

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 10 readers -
  • Stepping Up CRM for Your Financial Services Company

    With the diversification of financial services, customers have multiple options from which to choose. Switching between companies is now almost effortless. This ability has made exemplary customer relationship management (CRM) absolutely imperative. The need for a fail-proof CRM is now all the more urgent.

    Growmap- 20 readers -
  • Twitter Automatically Loops Short Videos: This Week in Social Media

    Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Twitter Automatically Loops Short Videos: As the Vine app officially shut down and became Vine Camera earlier this week, Twitter announced that it will now “automatically loop all videos shorter than 6.

    Social Media Examinerin Social- 24 readers -
  • You can look it up

    Of course, for millions of years, people couldn't look it up. They couldn't read and they hadn't invented writing yet, so there was nothing to look up. All you knew was what you knew, along with what you could ask someone about. "Uncle Rock told me that the bark from this tree will help a headache." With writing came notes, records and books.

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 9 readers -
  • Twitter forces people to follow @POTUS, @FLOTUS & @VP accounts

    Today, the United States gained a new President, First Lady and Vice President. Those people inherited their predecessors Twitter accounts. In turn, some of those not supportive of the new adminstration unfollowed those accounts. Or thought they did. As it turns out, Twitter has caused many people to follow these accounts again, against their will. I’m just one of several examples.

    Danny Sullivan/ Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 30 readers -
  • 5 Ways To Inaugurate Your New Website

    Launching a new website doesn't exactly compare to a Presidential Inauguration. But after months of planning, design and development, launching a website is quite the achievement and something worth sharing with the world. Would you build a new house and not invite anyone over to see it? Of course not. Here are some ways you can spread the word and 'inaugurate' your new website.

    Roman Kniahynyckyj/ Inbound Marketing Blog- 18 readers -
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