• Ashley Madison Founder On the Run

      Share ! tweet The founder, owner and CEO, of cheating website Ashley Madison, is stepping down in the wake of the embarrassing information about the company discovered after the massive data breach this past month that revealed all the names of men who were seeking affairs, plus other dirty information including that almost all the accounts for women were fake set up by the company.

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    • Is The “Internet Marketing Lifestyle”… Realistic?

      I just returned from an out-of-country beach trip with girl friends, and while I was away someone shared the video above on my Facebook profile. Interesting timing for Gary Vaynerchuk to share this particular message. Interesting indeed. I have something I want to share with you on this point - which was a GREAT point, by the way - but first, here's where I was sitting whe ...

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    • Where Content Marketing Fails

      We’ve all been there. A sale is lost because your frontline staff doesn’t know what’s going on in the rest of the company. Like many people, I love to research online before making a decision on purchasing a product. Many brands have content marketing working for them online but forget to communicate the what, why and how of their content to key frontline staff making the sale.

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  • Product Development: Here Are The Initial Steps

    Product Development: Here Are The Initial Steps Once you decide it’s time to start creating your own products, you’re probably going to wonder what are the initial steps to take your product off the ground. Now what? Here are things to consider when you’re ready to develop your product. 1. Finding The Time If you’re like me, you’ll have a brilliant idea for a product first ...

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile-Friendly Websites

    When designing your website or blog, you have countless factors to consider. You have to think about the color scheme and whether it is in line with your overall brand messaging. You have to think about your header image and the initial impression that it provides. You have to think about compatibility across operating systems, web browsers and screen resolutions.

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  • Merged All My Old Web Properties

    I could go on a rant about how I want to create a stronger personal brand, but that would be bullshit. While doing some spring autumn cleaning, I discovered a few funky files informing me that I’ve been hacked. I had neglected to update core WordPress, themes and plugins of a lot of my first web projects. I have payed the price for my laziness.

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  • On ad pricing, Condé Nast bows to the reality of digital

    Digital media companies may aspire to be the “Condé Nast of the Web,” a nod to the publishing house’s standard-setting reportage and photography — and, often unspoken, its ability to charge fat premiums. But like all publishers, it’s had to adjust as readers and advertisers migrate online, a theme that likely is the focus of the company’s latest visit by consultants.

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  • Hey Fat Jew, steal these ads from Copyranter!

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. In April 2014, I was asked by an editor at Vice to create ads for a video project to be called “The Protest Show,” starring Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky.

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  • State of the Industry report: Buy and sell sides rate their programmatic partners

    We grade everything these days: restaurants, hotels, even attractiveness (Thanks, Tinder!). So why has it taken us so long to grade our programmatic partners, the players keeping our automated transactions running day-in, day-out? Over 600 professionals on both sides of the buy/sell divide had the chance to grade their partners across a number of areas – open markets, PMP ...

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  • Inside Rubber Tracks, Converse’s contribution to the music community

    Converse Rubber Tracks, a collection of both permanent and pop-up recording studios owned by the sneaker brand, is the company’s musical outlet. It’s also a key part of Converse’s content strategy. Converse is a $2 billion Nike-owned company that owns and operates three music studios in Brooklyn, Boston and Brazil year-round.

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  • How The Young Turks plans to crowdsource local news around the world

    The Young Turks Network plans to crowdsource its way to providing local news and commentary across the globe. The online news network is launching a program to recruit new hosts and local correspondents around the world. The program, called “TYT Next,” will invite people to submit videos on topics they’re passionate about for the chance to become a paid contributor and — if al ...

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  • Discovery get experimental with virtual reality

    Publishers want in on the virtual-reality bandwagon. Discovery on Thursday launched Discovery VR, a new app and website that will be the first part in the company’s larger foray into virtual reality. The tech, which is built around the idea of delivering new experiences, has already proven to be a good fit for Discovery’s brand.

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  • FTC Can Regulate Cyber Security Says Courts

    Share ! tweet The FTC has been taking upon itself in the past several years to become the ‘police’ of commercial cyber security. They have filed cases against a variety of companies related to lax security practices. The highest profile case was against Wyndam hotels, accusing them of maintaining insufficient security measures on their data, which allowed three separate brea ...

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  • Facebook Takes on Video Piracy

    Share ! tweet Facebook has long been accused of ignoring an issue where people would take other people’s videos and repost them on the social network as their own. This was an easy way to get a lot of likes and shares, which can lead to a lot of new followers for a given page. The process is known as “Freebooting.

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  • Facebook Takes on Siri with M

    Share ! tweet Facebook has announced that they are looking to get in on the digital personal assistant game and are testing a service called “M.” The service will be a part of the Facebook Messenger and will be able to answer questions, provide recommendations, make plans and much more. It is clearly meant to compete with Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana.

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  • Ad Blocking Coming to iOS 9

    Share ! tweet Mobile ads have been getting more and more popular over the last several years. With millions of people moving away from PCs and toward mobile devices, marketers have been increasing their ad budgets in this area. One nice thing about mobile advertising is that people didn’t really have the ability to block the ads like they do on their PCs. That, however, is coming to an end.

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  • IAB Releases Excellent Mobile Ad Numbers

    Share ! tweet The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently released their full report on mobile advertising revenue for the year 2014. While everyone knew that mobile ads have been growing at a rapid rate, this report confirms that it is even bigger than many expected. The report found that mobile ad revenue reached a record $34 Billion over the year.

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  • Ashley Madison Almost All Fake Women

    Share ! tweet The infamous Ashley Madison hack has brought the adulterous website under close scrutiny. As intriguing as it is to find out who is using the site, what’s more interesting is who is not using the site. Nearly thirty-two million men have accounts with Ashley Madison, most of which are active. Fewer than six million women have accounts.

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