• ‘The conversation moved on’: Time-based ad sales hit a wall

    The brand-safety crisis this year has had a number of casualties, from news publishers to content creators who tackle delicate subjects. It may be time to add time-based sales to that list. A couple years ago, a handful of publishers started pushing the idea of selling ads based on readers’ time rather than impressions as a way of addressing the problem of ads going unseen and ...

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  • Amazon’s power pushes CPG brands to look to e-commerce alternatives

    Consumer goods companies are at a crossroads. If they ignore Amazon, they risk ditching an essential sales channel. If they partner with Amazon, their brands are exposed, should it choose to undercut them with its own, cheaper alternatives. The answer for some CPG companies is to look to Amazon alternatives.

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  • Outsourcing giant Wipro has a $450 million agency

    Count one more new agency entrant that can boast serious scale. Over the last few years, Wipro, the software and outsourcing giant based out of India, has slowly put muscle behind Wipro Digital, its agency and design services arm. Last week, it announced the acquisition of design agency Cooper, enhancing the agency services capabilities it started building with the 2015 acquis ...

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  • GQ’s measured approach to video on platforms

    It’s easy to complain there’s no money in socially distributed video. But GQ is proving that by developing longer, episodic series for platforms besides Facebook, it’s possible to build a profitable video operation that lives on multiple platforms at the same time. The men’s lifestyle publisher has a full-time team of seven making content for social platforms, though it also l ...

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  • Theory 2.0: Theory’s second act is a direct-to-consumer pivot

    In the pursuit of survival, Theory is repositioning its brand to leave a bigger impression on customers. Through Theory 2.0, an internal initiative that includes four different programs designed to rejuvenate the company, Theory is tackling head-on what it means to be a modern brand today. Over the past three months, it launched Be Heard, an educational event series for women ...

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  • How News UK’s branded-content shop shows how ads work

    News UK is taking inspiration from agencies on how to create branded content. In the last year, the publisher’s branded-content arm, Bridge Studio, has worked closely with agencies to build a framework around how it creates content. Most publishers’ branded-content arms think audience first, rather than through the lens of their own brands.

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  • Siempre Selena

    My love of music started with Selena Quintanilla. One of my dearest childhood memories is of my mom and I belting her classics like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Techno Cumbia” in the family van during our annual road trips to Mexico. But Selena’s influence in my life goes so much further than that. I’m the daughter of a Mexican immigrant single mother and grew up in a small, p ...

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  • The Way We Read Work Email is Changing

    In a world where more email is sent than ever (up 53% from 2014), understanding what kinds of messages are sent, and when those messages are sent is both useful and important. Like many of you, my inbox is out of control. When I read about inbox zero, I can’t help but be a little pessimistic about the volume and manner in which the emails are responded to.

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Payment Page

    1024512 When it comes to down to what really counts on an eCommerce site, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you’re getting – it matters what the conversion rates on your payment page looks like. You may very well be getting far more visitors than your competitors, but if you aren’t sealing the deal with a sale, you’re no further ahead.

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  • 4 Rising Technology Trends That You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Staying on top of ever-evolving digital marketing strategies means following the latest SEO updates and trying out different tools to improve your site’s rankings. If you’re like us, you’re constantly reading articles and blogs, following lots of experts in the field, and regularly scoping out your competition for new techniques and ideas.

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