How To Import a Subscriber Email List In Optyn

by Louis Morales
The term “Lead Capture” refers to capturing the contact details of the visitors, fans and customers of your business so you can engage them and entice them to return to your store or site. One of the critical pieces of contact information is the email address. With an email address you can communicate specials, deals, new product announcements or any information that will get ...Read the full article

How to Import a Subscriber Email List in Optyn

We show you how you can quickly and easily import an existing subscriber email list into Optyn. Optyn allows you to import existing email lists with ease. The first step is to create a spreadsheet with three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Email. Once completed, name the file and save it as a csv (comma separated file) file. You can create different files for different customer segments. The next steps are: Login to Optyn Go To: Import Subscribers and Lists Select: The Subscriber file to be imported You can then identify the existing lists to which you want these subscribers uploaded, and/or you can add the subscribers as a brand new list. When done, click Import. That's it. Feel free to leave a comment - we always like hearing from you. Also, check out our other tutorials. Thanks for using Optyn.