The Ultimate Chalk Talk on Personal Branding: Video

by Barry Feldman
Want to learn how to develop a powerful personal branding platform? I came to the conclusion my clients certainly do. The calls kept coming: clients with all kinds of questions about how to build a personal brand to promote themselves and forward their careers with new media tools. I thought though that I’ve been a personal brand-builder my entire career, and I wondered which ...Read the full article

How to build an AWESOME personal brand!

This week I'll interview +Barry Feldman. Barry loves me; in fact, Barry loves me so much he called me a knucklehead earlier. Yes, that much. But here is the thing, that is Barry, it expresses who he is - an energetic, straight talking, 'from the hip shoot' King of personal branding. And that is what I want to show you. Not just 'go read his stuff', but to show you how to infuse your personality into everything you do online. I'll be learning too, of course. p.s. I met Barry at the Social Media Marketing World conference, and he is starting to 'get' Google+, and maybe even fall in love with it as well. So, please join me, to shake out your branding cobwebs, get fresh, and be inspired this Wednesday!