Two bald guys talking social media and content marketing

I was recently interviewed by my good mate Jim Stewart for MYOB’s podcast series The Savvy Accountant. { DISCLOSURE: I do advisory work with MYOB and also write for the company’s blog } While The Savvy Accountant podcast is aimed at accounting practices, the content is still highly relevant for any business, especially if you sell professional services.Read the full article

The Savvy Accountant EP04 | Content marketing, social media and Trevor Young

Trevor Young is one of Australia's leading commentators and keynote speakers in the social media and content marketing fields. In today's episode, Trevor chats to host Jim Stewart about content marketing strategies for accounting practices, and how to manage social media when you're time-poor. Some of the tools Trevor refers to include: Feedspot - It's the best place to read all your favourite websites in one place and discover new good ones. Spundge - Spundge is an end-to-end content platform for professionals that makes it easy to create, distribute, and monetize your content. The Old Reader - The Old Reader allows you to subscribe to your favourite sites so you can stay in the know. Buffer - Buffer is the easiest way to publish on social media iTalk - iTalk Recorder is a full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Speechpad - Simply the best human-generated captions and transcriptions.