Should You Buy Your Way to Social Media Fame – Is It Worth It?

by Erik Emanuelli
When it comes to social media, one of the hot topics that is always coming up is whether or not buying friends/likes/followers is a good idea. In other words, is there a shortcut to social media success? The short answer is no. If you really want something, the hard work and effort is always worth it in the long run and while buying large numbers of friends on social media m ...Read the full article

Fake It Till You Make It

It's often been said that life is not a popularity contest, but when it comes to the sometimes wild 'n' wacky world of social media, it can sure seem like one. As more and more of us move more and more of our lives online, our reputations on Twitter and Facebook have become just as important as our reputations around the office. But what can you do when your clout is limited by, well, your Klout?