3 Trends Transforming Education Publishing

by Linda Bustos
Digital commerce touches a number of industries beyond online retail, and exciting things are happening in the publishing world, particularly education publishing. As digital invades the classroom, education publishers are looking more and more like tech companies. 3 Big Opportunities in Education Publishing Digital is taking over the classroom Today’s tech-savvy students ca ...Read the full article

What does the textbook of the future look like?

To learn more about Cortex visit http://www.elasticpath.com/products/cortex Publishers today are sitting on a lot of valuable content and we know many students would prefer to carry a tablet than tons of heavy traditional textbook. This demo shows a dynamically created textbook done by a small team of university students in 8 weeks that combines text, graphics, videos and interactive content. For this scenario we have created an engaging multimedia learning tool utilizing Cortex, a Level 3 REST API, that allows publishers to monetize their content in the context of the students learning experience.