Paddy Power’s top 5 most bizarre, hilarious stunts

by Chris Smith
Paddy Power has turned PR mischief into both an art form and a formidable business strategy. Since its formation as a group of 40 small back-street bookmakers in Ireland in 1998, it has established itself as one of the largest betting companies in Europe. Its latest foray into corporate trolling, involving a controversial British politician and the Ryder Cup, is good enough to ...Read the full article

Nigel Farage Swings for Europe this Ryder Cup

Legendary Eurosceptic Nigel Farage does an incredible reverse-ferret and comes out in support of Team Europe for the Ryder Cup in this mock party political broadcast for Paddy Power. Blog: Bet now:

Paddy Power - Chav Tranquilizer

Visit us at: Shockingly, our last TV Ad has been banned after just four days on TV. That's some kind of record, even for us. This commercial, dubbed 'Chavs', didn't even pass the powers that be so it will never be seen on TV. That might disappoint Dan Collins who wrote on our Facebook wall to inspire the Chavs video. But at least Dan knows: We hear you!