Connecting To The Heart Of The Customer: The Top 5 Content Marketing Campaigns Of 2014.

by Simon Dunant
When it comes to creating content for your audience creating an emotional connection with the viewer or reader is most important aspect of your campaign. It doesn’t matter about the quality of your video, the budget you have to spend on your content, or the medium you use. If you can make your audience laugh, cry, think or be otherwise moved by the story that’s the magic that ...Read the full article

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome. We love LEGO. You love LEGO. Everyone loves LEGO. But when LEGO's halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something. Children's imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today. Sign our petition at Greenpeace is calling on LEGO to end its partnership with Shell to Save the Arctic

Outrun - Episode 1 : The departure - powered by Biotherm Homme

Sebastien is about to start his challenge: run 7,500 km across Canada. For more: A series powered by: Produced by Toast Studio, branded content agency :

Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

Presenting the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion. Inspired by real events from 100 years ago. This year’s Christmas ad from Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for sharing. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, it commemorates the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914, when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man’s land, sharing gifts – and even playing football together. The chocolate bar featured in the ad is on sale now at Sainsbury’s. All profits (50p per bar) will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit our armed forces and their families, past and present. To watch a short film of the story behind our Christmas ad: To watch the making of our Christmas ad: To find out more about the ad: The chocolate bar is available while stocks last. Subject to availability. Excludes online. The Royal British Legion. Registered Charity No. 219279

Land Rover: Can and Will

Can & Will is a celebration of the spirit of defiance. The spirit that runs through the bold, the brave and the audacious. It seeks to inspire people to act on that spirit and fulfil ambitions and dreams. Can & Will is the fuel that drives every Land Rover driver.