In YouTube’s shadow, Vimeo turns to exclusives

by Eric Blattberg
Trying to out-YouTube YouTube is a losing proposition. For scrappy, indie video platform Vimeo that means differentiating in everything from advertising (it has never had any) to tech (it has a host of tools for creators and the sharpest streams around). And increasingly, it means offering exclusive series from — you guessed it — YouTube stars.Read the full article

Parallax | A Sawyer Hartman Film • 4K

- Click Here To Subscribe! ► After surviving a world-changing catastrophe, a child yearns to discover why the Earth was nearly destroyed and if it will happen again. 17 years later, his findings are put to the ultimate test when he is forced to not only to try to protect his family, but humanity itself. - Follow Me On Instagram & Twitter! Links Below! • • Check out my next film WELCOME TO TOKYO - Sawyer Hartman Screening Saturday, October 18 • 2:00pm - 3:30pm The Dark Room Screening (Presented by BlackBoxTV) Friday, October 17 • 8:00pm - 9:30pm Check Out My Channel and A lot of Other Videos I've Made! Directed by Sawyer Hartman Written by Sawyer Hartman & Jonathan Cocco Executive Producer: Kathleen Grace Supervising Producer: Jack Ferry Produced by Sawyer Hartman & Jonathan Cocco Edited by Sawyer Hartman & Jonathan Cocco Lighting & Grip: Jay Sharron Visual Effects: Christopher Cushley Cast: Jonathan Cooper: Saxon Anderson Natalie Cooper: Noemie Maia Emma Cooper: Angelique Cooper Professor Douglas: Ted Brunetti Young Jonathan Cooper: Jesse Finney Jonathan’s Mother: Ashley Gardner Scott Stevens: Matthew Santoro Tom Harris: Mike Sica TV Reporter: Vincent Cyr Guest Starring: Mitchell Davis

Oscar's Hotel | KickthePJ

Mystical creatures from all around the universe travel great distances to stay at Oscar's Hotel. Oliver attempts to team up with some of the hotel's finest to track down a dangerous intruder. click to tweet the film! Created By - Cast Oliver - Chris Kendall Oscar - Conor Jatter Fuzz - PJ Liguori Taxi Driver - Mitchell Davis Shadow Beast - Louis Grant & Jamie Christopherson Jazz - Louis Grant Mo Nay - PJ Liguori Knoll - Sammy Paul Pixel - Khyan Mansley Slick - Emma Blackery Phoenix - Hazel Hayes Blubber - Stuart Ashen PleasantRyan - Ryan O’Connor Snowpea - Myles Wheeler Smokey Monster - Charlie Newton The Bird - Ellie Kenebel The Fly - Sophie Newton Lord Everyone - PJ Liguori Crew Directed by - PJ Liguori Written by - PJ Liguori, Louis Grant, Sophie Newton Produced by - PJ Liguori & Louis Grant Executive Producer - Kathleen Grace Supervising Producer - Jack Ferry Cinematography by - Jamie Swarbrick Production Design - Sophie Newton Editing & Sound Mix - PJ Liguori, Louis Grant, Sophie Newton Art Direction - Louis Grant Costume - PJ Liguori, Sophie Newton, Louis Grant Production Manager - Louis Grant Clapper - Sophie Newton Sound Recordist - Sam Cordell Make up - Sophie Newton Mo Nay Make up artist - Heather Moorhouse - Music by Monster Rally SPECIAL THANKS New Form Digital Abbots Wood The English Language Centre, Brighton Stephanie Newton Charlie Newton Don Newton ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my film club! POSTERS AND MUSIC! tumblr! - facebook, yo! other places to get my music!