Smacktive App Aims to Improve Health by Fostering Community

It may seem counter intuitive, but in this more connected world of ours social networks are often blamed for making us more isolated and less social. There’s even been a trend toward celebrating introversion, especially on Tumblr. Smacktive hopes to engage users in outdoor activity by providing an easy way to connect to like minded people in their community.Read the full article

How To Be An Introvert -- According to Tumblr Ep. 1

Oh, you thought you were an introvert? Well you'd better check with Tumblr first... If you smiled, click-to-tweet: I'm super into tumblr, ( but I just never understood their dramatization of introverts. Like, there is actually a big difference between being introverted and having crippling social anxiety. Learn the difference. Do it. THANKS TIM FOR EDITING FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ...AND DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

2015 Health Matters Activation Summit: Inspiring Solutions to Health Problems

Pete Moore shares how a session at last year's Health Matters Activation Summit inspired the creation of the Smacktive app, which connects people with similar interests and eases the burden of loneliness.